DIAR-03: Workshop on Document Image Analysis and Retrieval

(In conjunction with IEEE CVPR'03)
Madison, Wisconsin, June 21, 2003.

Aim and scope
The goal of this workshop is to present new perspectives and new directions for the analysis and automatic extraction of information from scanned images of paper documents. Applications of this technology include automated forms processing, the indexing of manuscripts for the creation of digital libraries, and more recent areas of research including forensic document analysis, writing style and language detection, and information retrieval from multi modal document collections.

This workshop aims to bring together an interdisciplinary group of international researchers from image processing, computer vision, machine learning, information retrieval, and digital libraries for the discussion of results and dissemination of ideas, with the objective of discussing problems and highlighting new research directions in the processing, analysis, understanding and computer-accessibility of document collections.

Paper review status

Paper review results have been sent out. If you have submitted a paper and not yet received any communication from us, please contact the Publications Chair - Trish Keaton at keaton@bologna.vision.caltech.edu

Workshop Program

Keynote Address

Image Understanding & Web Security
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Henry S. Baird
Palo Alto Research Center, Palo Alto, CA 94304
baird@parc.com http://www.parc.com/baird

Bio of Dr. Baird

Dr. Baird is a Principal Scientist and manager of the Statistical Pattern & Image Analysis research area at the Palo Alto Research Center, a subsidiary of Xerox. He has published three books and sixty-five technical articles, and holds seven patents. He has taught at Princeton and UC Berkeley, and is Fellow of the IEEE and of the IAPR. With Manuel Blum of CMU, he organized the 1st NSF Int'l HIP Workshop, held at PARC in January 2002.

We seek original papers on one or more of the following topics (or related areas). We encourage work in progress and papers which offer new directions.

Document Image Processing

  • Binarization and Restoration
  • Feature Extraction
  • Text/Graphics Separation
  • Duplicate Document Detection
Images, Video and Text
  • Text Detection and Recognition in Images
  • Video and Web Images
  • Document Stitching Using Image and Video Mosaicing
Document Image Analysis
  • Layout Analysis and Segmentation
  • Logical Structure Analysis
  • Recognition of Specific Structures
Text and Handwriting Recognition
  • Cursive Script Recognition
  • Handwritten Characters and Symbols
  • Machine Print Recognition
  • Writing Style Recognition
  • Writer Identification
  • Language Identification
Document Based Information Retrieval
  • Document Image Filing
  • Information Extraction
  • Wordspotting
  • Text Retrieval
Document Understanding
  • Use of Linguistic Knowledge and Domain Specific Knowledge
  • Multilingual Text Understanding Applications
  • Forms Processing and Reading
  • Creation, Browsing and Searching of Document Digital Libraries
  • Forensic Document Processing
  • Mining of Multi-modal Documents

The workshop will provide a forum for discussing problems and results in any of the above mentioned areas. But more importantly, by the structure of the workshop, we hope to examine the future directions and new perspectives that will keep the field lively and growing. As part of the workshop we hope to have one or two breakout sessions.