The proceedings of the ICDAR '99 conference will be published by the IEEE Computer Society in a single volume. The Computer Society will contact all authors by e-mail for final electronic version of their papers. Each regular paper (oral or poster) is allowed four pages in the proceedings including all figures and reference list. There is no provision to buy additional pages. We urge you to submit your paper as soon as possible but no later than June 4, 1999. Papers not received by this date will not appear in the final proceedings. A paper copy of the proceedings is included in the conference package distributed at the conference site.

The following papers have been accepted for presentation at ICDAR '99.

Scheduling information is available in the Technical Program.

Paper No Session No Paper Type Paper Title
1Tu-3BRegular PaperExtraction of Personal Features from Stroke Shape, Writing Pressure and Pen Inclination in Ordinary Characters
2Tu-4BRegular PaperOn-Line Handwritten Character Recognition Method using Directional Features and Clockwise/Counterclockwise Direction...
4Mo-3CPosterHybrid Pen-Input Character Recognition System Based on Integration of Online-Offline Recognition
5Mo-3CPosterUnconstrained Handwritten Numeral Recognition Using Hausdorff Distance and Multi-Layer Neural Network Classifier
6We-3CPosterAn Implementation of Postal Numerals Segmentation and Recognition System for Chinese Business Letters
8Mo-3CPosterPreprocessing and Structural Feature Extraction for a Multi-Fonts Arabic/Persian OCR
10Mo-3CPosterA Segmentation-Free Recognition of Two Touching Numerals Using Neural Network
11Mo-3CPosterHandwritten Numeral Recognition Using Neural Networks: Improving Accuracy by Discriminative Training
12We-3APosterA Segmentation Algorithm for Handwritten Chinese Character Strings
13We-3CPosterGeneralised Projections: a Tool for Cursive Handwriting Normalisation
14We-3BPosterStepwise Segmentation and Interpretation of Section Representations in Vectorized Drawings
15We-3BPosterA Document Image Retrieval Method Tolerating Recognition and Segmentation Errors of OCR Using Shape-Feature and ...
18Mo-3BPosterText/Graphics Separation Using Agent-Based Pyramid Operations
19We-3CPosterEmpirical Design of a Holistic Verifier for Automatic Sorting of Handwritten Singapore Postal Addresses
20We-3APosterThe Feature Extraction of Chinese Character Based on Contour Information
21Mo-3CPosterFeature Extraction by Fractal Dimensions
22We-1BRegular PaperCursive Script Segmentation Incorporating Writing Knowledge
23Tu-2CRegular PaperPrototype Learning Algorithms for Nearest Neighbor Classifier with Application to Handwritten Character
24Mo-3CPosterRecognition of Hand-printed Characters via Induct-RDR
26Mo-4BRegular PaperA Method for Street Number Matching in Japanese Address Recognition
27We-3APosterA Recognition Method for Touching Japanese Handwritten Characters
28Mo-3APosterError Correction of Korean Courtesy Amounts in Bank Slips using Rule Information and Cross-Referencing
29Mo-2CRegular PaperCharacter String Extraction from a Color Document
30Mo-3BPosterA Two-step Algorithm and its Parallelization for the Generation of Minimum Containing Rectangles for Document Image Segmentation
31Tu-3CRegular PaperA Two-state Markov Chain Model of Degraded Document Images
32We-2CRegular PaperAffine-Invariant Correlation of Gray-Scale Characters Using GAT Iteration
33We-3BPosterContent-Based Index and Retrieval Method of Chinese Document Images
34We-2CRegular PaperA Robust Skew Detection Algorithm for Grayscale Document Image
35We-3CPosterDestination Address Block Location on Handwritten Chinese Envelope
36Tu-3BRegular PaperMathematical Morphology and Weighted Least Squares to Correct Handwriting
37Mo-4ARegular PaperDocument Image Layout Comparison and Classification
38Mo-2ARegular PaperRobust Telop Character Recognition in Video for Content-Based Retrieval
39We-1CRegular PaperA Statistically Based, Highly Accurate Text-line Segmetation Method
40Tu-2ALong PaperRobust OCR of Degraded Documents
41Mo-3CPosterThe Integrated Pattern Recognition System and Its Application
44Mo-4CRegular PaperFast Identification of Stop Words for Font Learning and Keyword Spotting
45We-3BPosterHow to Extend and Bootstrap an Existing Data Set with Real-life Degraded Images
46We-3APosterAutomatic Separation of Machine-Printed and Hand-Written Text Lines
47Mo-2BRegular PaperStructure Relation Between Classes For Supervised Learning Using Pretopology
48Mo-3BPosterDocument analysis in gray level and typography extraction using character pattern redundancies
49Mo-3APosterA Comparison of Research and Production Architectures for Check Reading Systems
50Tu-3ARegular PaperSegmentation of Bangla Handwritten Text into Characters by Recursive Contour Following
51We-1CRegular PaperPage Decomposition and Signature Finding via Shape Classification and Geometric Layout
52We-3CPosterForward search with discontinuous probabilities for handwriting recognition
53Mo-3CPosterRecovery of Drawing Order from Scanned Images of Multi-Stroke Handwriting
54Tu-4ARegular PaperCooperative text and line-art extraction from a topographic map
55Tu-2CRegular PaperHeeding more than the top template
56Mo-3APosterCharacter Recognition in Bookshelf Images using Context-based Image Templates
58Tu-4ARegular PaperLocating Indexing Structures for Automatic Engineering Drawing Indexing
59Mo-2BRegular PaperCombining classifiers based on confidence values
60Tu-4CRegular PaperModel-Based Character Extraction from Complex Backgrounds
61Tu-4BRegular PaperA Lexicon Driven Approach for Off-line Recognition of Unconstrained Handwritten
62Tu-3BRegular PaperWriter Adaptation of Online Handwriting Models
63Mo-4CRegular PaperAdvances in the BBN Byblos OCR System
64Tu-2ARegular PaperAnalysis of Synthetic Document Images
66Tu-4ARegular PaperDTM Extraction from Topographic Maps
67We-2CRegular PaperRobust Skew Estimation on Low-Resolution Document Images
69Tu-3ARegular PaperScript Line Separation From Indian Multi-script Documents
70Mo-3BPosterStructured Document Labeling and Rule Extraction Using a New Recurrent Fuzzy-Neural System
71We-3APosterSpatio-temporal Unified Model for On-line Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
72Mo-4CRegular PaperExtraction of Type Style Based Meta-Information from Imaged Documents
73We-3BPosterSymbolic Representation and Distributed Matching Strategies for Schematics
74We-2CRegular PaperVisual Data Extraction from Bi-level Document Images
75We-2BRegular PaperSelection of Reference Signatures for Automatic Signature Verification
77Tu-3ARegular PaperOn how to Describe Shapes of Devanagari Characters and Use Them for Recognition
78We-3APosterPartitioning and Searching Dictionary for Correction of Optically Read Devanagari Character Strings
79We-3APosterIntegrated Segmentation and Recognition Model for Continuous On-line Handwritten Chinese Characters
81Mo-2ALong PaperRetrieval from Spoken Documents Using Content and Speaker Information
82Mo-2CRegular PaperElectronic Document Image Resizing
83Mo-2BRegular PaperA Novel Invariant Mapping Applied to Handwritten Arabic Character Recognition
84We-3APosterTrainable Script Identification Strategies for Indian Languages
85Mo-2ARegular PaperRecognition of License Plate Images: Issues and Perspectives
86We-3BPosterSearching an Engineering Drawing Database for User-specified Shapes
87Tu-3BRegular PaperAdvanced State Clustering for Very Large Vocabulary HMM-based On-Line Handwriting Recognition
88Tu-3BRegular PaperPerformance Evaluation of a New Hybrid Modeling Technique for Handwriting Recognition Using Identical On-Line and Off-Li
90Mo-2ARegular PaperActive Multimedia Documents
91Mo-3BPosterHigh-speed, High-accuracy Binarization Method for Recognizing Text in Images of Low Spatial Resolutions
92Mo-4ARegular PaperMultimedia Database Retrieval Using Hand-Drawn Sketches
93Mo-2ARegular PaperA Video Text Extraction Method for Character Recognition
94We-3BPosterTelop and Flip Frame Detection and Character Extraction from TV News Articles
95We-3APosterHandwritten Chinese Character Recognition Via Stroke-guided Pixel Matching
96We-3CPosterHandwritten Numeral String Recognition with Stroke Grouping
97We-3APosterSingle-character Segmentation for Handprinted Thai Word
98Mo-3APosterA Framework for Forms Processing by Using Enhanced-Line-Shared-Adjacent Format
99Mo-3BPosterInteractive Approach to the Extraction of Logical Structures from Unformatted Document Images Using a Sub-structure ...
100We-4BRegular PaperA New Distinguishing Algorithm of Connected Character Image Based on Fourier Transform
102Mo-4ARegular PaperNew Use for the Pen: Outline-based Image Queries
103Tu-4CRegular PaperProjection-based Segmentation of Musical Sheets
104We-2ARegular PaperDocument Transport, Transfer, and Exchange: Security and Commercial Aspects
105Tu-4CRegular PaperExtracting Patron Data from Check Images
106We-3CPosterHexi-deci Directional Coding and Automata Theory-based Discrimination for Pitman Shorthand
107Tu-2ARegular PaperA Handwriting Understanding Environment (HUE) for Rapid Prototyping in Handwriting and Document Analysis Research
108We-2BRegular PaperLazy Evaluation for Best-First contextual Handwriting Recognition
109We-3BPosterA full English sentence database for off-line handwriting recognition
110Mo-2CLong PaperIdentification of Text on Colored Book and Journal Covers
111We-2ARegular PaperOnline handwriting data acquisition using a video camera
112We-2ARegular PaperPreattentive reading and selective attention for document image analysis
113Tu-4CRegular PaperA2iA Check Reader: A Family of Bank Check Recognition Systems
114Mo-2BRegular PaperMulti-Scaled and Multi Oriented Character Recognition : An Original Strategy
115Mo-3CPosterDesigning Efficient Distributed Neural Classifiers : Application to Handwriting Digit Recognition
116We-3CPosterAn Algorithm for Extracting Cursive Text Lines
118Mo-3BPosterAn SGML Based Viewer for Form Documents
119Tu-4CRegular PaperEXTRAFOR : Automatic Extraction of Mathematical Formulas
121We-1CRegular PaperIntegrated Algorithms for Newspaper Page Decomposition and Article Tracking
122Tu-3CRegular PaperMethodology for Flexible and Efficient Analysis of the Performance of Page Segmentation Algorithms
123Tu-4ARegular PaperA Hough-based method for hatched pattern detection in maps and diagrams
124Tu-4ARegular PaperApplication of Deformable template matching to symbol recognition in hand-written architectural drawings
126We-3CPosterEvaluation and Improvement of Slant Estimation for Handwritten Words
128Tu-4BRegular PaperHandwritten Character Recognition Using Monotonic and Continuous Two-Dimensional Warping
129Mo-2BRegular PaperOff-line Character Recognition Using HMM by Multiple Directional Feature Extraction and Voting with Bagging Algorithm
130Mo-3BPosterCharacter Extraction from Noisy Background for an Automatic Reference System of Old Handwriting Manuscripts
131Tu-4BRegular PaperHandwritten Kanji Recognition Using Combined Complementary Classifiers in a Cascade Arrangement
132We-3CPosterA Proposal for an Off-line Signature Verification System Using an Extraction Displacement Function
133Mo-3BPosterA Range Free Skew Detection Technique for Digitized Gurmukhi Script Documents
134Tu-3ARegular PaperThe Independent Components of Characters are Strokes
136We-3CPosterA probabilistic model for postcode recognition: a first step towards probabilistic address interpretation
137Mo-3BPosterSkew Detection via Principal Components Analysis
139We-2BRegular PaperLocal and Global Approaches to Achieve Quantitative Measurement of Handwriting
140Tu-2CRegular PaperMergeLayouts - Overcoming Faulty Segmentations by a Comprehensive Voting of Commercial OCR Devices
141We-4BRegular PaperOn-line Adaptation in Recognition of Handwritten Alphanumeric Characters
142We-4BRegular PaperDynamically Expanding Context as Committee Adaptation Method in On-line Recognition of Handwritten Latin Characters
143Mo-3APosterAutomatic reading of handwritten chemical formulas from a structural representation of the image
144We-2ARegular PaperHand-Written Correction of Electronic Document
145Mo-4CRegular PaperA Novel Method for Discriminating between Oriental and European Scripts by Fractal Features
146Mo-3CPosterAutomatic Classification of Deformed Handwritten Numeral characters
148Tu-2CRegular PaperSelf-organized classification problem solving with yprel neural networks
150We-1BRegular PaperDictionary preselection in a neuro-markovian word recognition system
153Tu-3BRegular PaperNon-supervised Determination of Allograph Sub-classes for On-Line Omni-scriptor Handwriting Recognition
154We-2CRegular PaperSkew Correction of Document Images by Focused Nearest-Neighbor Clustering
155Tu-2ARegular PaperWISDOM++: an Interactive and Adaptive document Analysis System
157Mo-3CPosterStatistical Approach to Feature Extraction for Numeral Recognition from Degraded Documents
158Mo-3CPosterRecognition of Real-Life character Samples Using a Structural Variation and Degradation Model
159We-3CPosterDefining writer invariants to adapt the recognition task
160Mo-3APosterOn-Line Handwritten Formula Recognition using Hidden Markov Models and Context Dependent Graph Grammars
161We-3CPosterA New Method of Character Line Extraction from Mixed-unformatted Document Image for Japanese Mail Address Recognition
162We-4BRegular PaperMulti-experts for Touching Digit String Recognition
163Mo-3CPosterNeural Network Model for Document Processing
165Tu-4CRegular PaperA Robust Method for Unknown Forms Analysis
166Mo-3APosterAccelerating the 2-D Mallat Decomposition Algorithm with Cyclical Convolution and FNTT
167Mo-3APosterAutomatic Storage, Retrieval, and Visualization of Bank Check Images
168Tu-2ARegular PaperAutomating Data Entry for an Online Biomedical Database: A Document Image Analysis Application
169Mo-4ARegular PaperModels and Algorithms for Duplicate Document Detection
170We-3BPosterContext Filters for Document-based Information Filtering
171We-3BPosterOn the Evaluation of Document Analysis Components by Recall, Precision, and Accuracy
173Tu-3CLong PaperQuality evaluation of document segmentation results
174We-3CPosterCursive Script Recognition Using Inhomogeneous P2DHMM and Hierarchical Search Space Reduction
175Mo-3APosterMusical Score Recognition using Probabilistic Reasoning
176We-3APosterOnline Korean Character Recognition Using HMM-based Letter Spotting
178Mo-4ARegular PaperOn the Use of Density Distribution of Keywords for Automated Generation of Hypertext Links from Arbitrary Parts of ...
179Mo-3BPosterBinarization of Document Images Using Hadamard Multiresolution Analysis
180Mo-4CRegular PaperFont Recognition Based on Global Texture Analysis
181Tu-2CRegular PaperEvaluation of Combination Methods
182Mo-3BPosterLogical Structure Analysis of Document Images Based on Emergent Computation
183Tu-3CRegular PaperThe IRESTE On/Off (IRONOFF) Dual Handwriting Database
184Mo-3APosterA hierarchical and recursive model of mathematical expressions for automatic reading of mathematical documents
185Mo-3BPosterRegion Description and Comparative Analysis Using a Tesseral Representation
187We-4BRegular PaperHandwritten Numeral Recognition by means of Evolutionary Algorithms
188We-2BRegular PaperDocument Validation by Signature: A Serial Multi-Expert Approach
190Mo-3CPosterRelaxation-Based Pattern Matching Using Automatic Differentiation for Off-line Character Recognition
191We-3BPosterParallel Map Recognition with Information Propagation Mechanism
192Mo-3CPosterHandwritten Numeral Recognition using Gradient and Curvature of Gray Scale Image
193Mo-4BRegular PaperA New Approach for Multilingual Address Recognition
194We-3APosterStroke-guided Pixel Matching for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
195Mo-2CRegular PaperSegmentation of Color Documents by Line Oriented Clustering using Spatial information
197Mo-4BRegular PaperLearning Regions of Interest in Postal Automation
198We-1CRegular PaperStructured document segmentation and representation by the Modified X-Y tree
199Mo-3BPosterA Two Level Knowledge Approach for Understanding Documents of a Multi-Class Domain
202Tu-4ARegular PaperReconstruction of the 3D structure of a building from the 2D drawings of its floors
203Mo-3APosterImage sorting - image classification: a global approach
204We-2BRegular PaperWord Segmentation Driven Unconstrained Handwritten Phrase Recognition
205Mo-4BRegular PaperInformation Theoretic Analysis of Postal Address Fields for Automatic Address In
206Mo-4CRegular PaperMultifont Classification Using Typographical Attributes
207We-3APosterIdentifying Devnagri Characters
208Mo-2BRegular PaperApproximate Stroke Sequence String Matching Algorithm for Character Recognition and Analysis
210Mo-3BPosterA Memory Efficient Method for Fast Transposition of a Run-Length Encoded Image
211Mo-3CPosterNeural versus Syntactic Recognition of Handwritten Numerals
212We-3BPosterSegmenting Documents Using Multiple Lexical Features
213Mo-3BPosterA Document Classification and Extraction System with Learning Ability
214Mo-2ARegular PaperA System for Automatic Text Detection in Video
215Tu-3ARegular PaperGujarati Character Recognition
216We-2CRegular PaperDjVu: Analyzing and Compressing Scanned Documents for Internet Distribution
217Mo-3APosterUser-defined Template for Identifying Document Type and Extracting Information from Documents
218We-1BRegular PaperAn Efficient Algorithm for Matching a Lexicon with a Segmentation Graph
219We-3APosterAutomatic Prototype Stroke Generation Based on Stroke Clustering for On-Line Handwritten Japanese Character Recognition
220Mo-3CPosterRecognition of English and Arabic Numerals Using a Dynamic Number of Hidden Neurons
221We-3CPosterInfluence of Word Length on Handwriting Recognition
222Mo-4BRegular PaperParsing and Recognition of City, State, and ZIP Codes in Handwritten Addresses
223Tu-3ARegular PaperA Study of Representations for Pen based Handwriting Recognition of Tamil Characters
225Mo-3APosterA Feature Calibration Method for Watermarking in Document Images
226Mo-3APosterA Technique of Mathematical Expression Structure Analysis for the Handwriting Input System
227Mo-4BRegular PaperContinuous Learning Systems - Postal Address Readers with inbuilt learning capability
229Tu-3CRegular PaperDocument Image Quality: Making Fine Discriminations
230Mo-3BPosterAn Enhanced Skew Angle Estimation Technique for Binary Document Images
231We-3CPosterNeural-based Solutions for the Segmentation and Recognition of Difficult Handwritten Words from a Benchmark Database
232Mo-2CRegular PaperA Wavelet Approach to Extracting Contours of Document Images
233We-4BRegular PaperCursive Character Detection Using Incremental Learning
234Tu-4BRegular PaperAn Off-line Character Recognition Method Employing Model-dependent Pattern Normalization by an Elastic Membrane Model
235We-3CPosterA Smoothness Index Based Approach for Off-line Signature Verification
236Mo-3CPosterNeural Based Handwritten Character Recognition
239We-1BRegular PaperWhole Word Recognition in Facsimile Images
240We-3CPosterA Principal Component Approach to Classification of Handwritten Words
241Tu-2CRegular PaperCombining Classifiers based on Minimization of a Bayes Error Rate
242Mo-3BPosterInformation Capturing Camera and Developmental Issues
243Mo-4ARegular PaperDuplicate Detection in Symbolically Compressed Documents