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Ask anyone from Bangalore what they think about this city, and in all probability, the answer will be "the best city in the world". Everyone has a different reason to love this city, which leads India in technological and cultural development. Today it is the fastest growing city in Asia with a burgeoning population of nearly four million. It is a city for all seasons. Come any time of the year - Bangalore is beautiful. Take a stroll in evergreen Cubbon Park spread over an area of 500 acres dominated by the imposing granite building, the Vidhan Saudha, the public library, a childrens park and an aquarium are located here. Adjoining it are the government museum and the industrial and technological museum. Or take a leisurely walk around the Lal Bagh the 250-acre botanical gardens laid out by Hyder Ali and Tipu. Sultan over 200 years ago. Here a magnificent Victorian style glass house where flower shows are held twice a year, August and January.

The uniqueness of Bangalore can be attributed to the open minded progressive nature of its citizens. It is a true melting pot of different people, cultures, and languages. Bangalore is probably the only city in India in which you will hear Kannada spoken as much as Tamil or Telugu or Hindi. The city is also home to some of the most high tech industries in India. As a result of its cosmopolitan nature, Bangalore attracts people from all over India and is among the fastest growing cities in Asia.

Bangalore has a moderate climate throughout the year due to its elevation (1000m). It is also blessed with a large number of lakes and parks within the city. The nature loving citizens have planted many trees along the roads which has enabled the city to maintain its green looks despite its rapid expansion. Bangalore is therefore aptly called the "Garden City."

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