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Travel Visa

A valid visa is required to travel to India from most countries. You must apply for a visa well in advance of conference at your local Indian Embassy or Consulate office. Since most conference attendees spend some amount of their time in tourist activitities, a tourist visa is often the visa of choice for many travelers. Other types of visas are available but require formal approvals by the authorities and would increase the proce ssing time by several months. We strongly urge you to contact your travel agent or a visa clearing service at the earliest to asercatin the application process for obtaining an appropriate visa. More information on visa application process for US residents is available at:

Instructions for Visa applicants are available at:

VISA application forms for U.S. Citizens and Foreign Nationals residing permanently in the U.S. are available at the following locations. You may apply to the consulate either directly or through a Visa Service Agency.

Consulate General of India, New York City, NY

Consulate General of India, Chicago, IL

Consulate General at San Fransisco, CA

Embassy of India, Washington, DC

Consulate General of India, Houston

1990, Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 600
Houston TX 77056
Ph :+1-713-6262148/49
Fax :+1-713-6262450

Indian Embassies:

Indian High Commissions/Consulates/Embassies
(A list of Indian High Commissions/Consulates/Embassies in different countries).

Government of India

Tourist Offices

Overseas Tourist Offices

Airline Schedules:

Bangalore is served by a few international flights operated by Air-India and Indian Airlines. The details are given below:

There are many international flights to major cities in India such as Mumbai (Bombay), Delhi, Calcutta, and Chennai (Madras). Bangalore is well connected to these cities by air. Note that if you arrive in Bombay or Delhi on an international flight and connect to a domestic flight, you will have to change airports. Free bus service is provided by the Airport Agency; but if you prefer, you can buy Pre-Paid taxi tickets in the airport (purchasing pre-paid tickets is recommended to avoid negotiating a price with taxi driver).

Travel agents specializing in travel to India are good sources for low-cost tickets known as "consolidator fares". For example, one such travel agency, Travel Era (, Tel: +1 925 935-4917) has offered a round trip fare of $1,455 from Washington, DC to Bangalore in September (United Airlines upto London and Air India from London). Similar fares are available from many other US Cities. Their quoted round-trip fare from selected European cities and Bangalore is $1,100. Note that ICDAR does not endorse any particular travel agency and the information provided here is for information purposes only.

Once you reach Bangalore, ICDAR designated travel agent, Cox and Kings, will provide airport transfers at fixed rates (tickets should be obtained from Cox and Kings representative at the airport).

Airline schedule to Bangalore

Currency Information

Currency is Indian Rupees. Major credit cards are accepted at large stores and hotels but it is recommended to carry some money in Rupees. Indian Rupees has limited convertibility; to convert back to your original currency, you need to have the evidence of original conversion to Rupees. So, we recommend you to keep all the receipts you get at the time of conversion.

Currency Conversion

Time Zone

IST (Indian Standard Time) is 5 hours 30 minutes ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
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Accommodations in Bangalore

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Map of India with Air Connections to Bangalore

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