Scope of the conference

This conference is a unique international forum for identifying, encouraging and exchanging ideas on research, development and novel applications dealing with documents -- in any languages -- and how to make the contents of document image computer-accessible. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Document Image Processing
Binarization and Segmentation
Feature Extraction
Text/Graphics Separation
Document Duplicate Detection

Forms and Bank-Check Reading
Postal Automation
Geographical Information Systems
Electronic Publishing
Large Information Systems
Musical Score Recognition
World Wide Web Applications

Document Image Analysis
Layout Analysis
Logical Structure Analysis
Recognition of Specific Structures

Document Analysis Systems
Hardware Architecture
Software Packages
Software Tools
Integrated Systems

Character Recognition and Segmentation
Segmentation-Free Approaches
Broken and Touching Characters
Isolated Unconstrained Characters
Large Vocabularies

Document-Based Information Retrieval
Document Image Filing
Text-and Graphics-Based Indexing
Information Extraction
Retrieval of Text, Graphics and Pictures

Handwriting Recognition
Cursive Script Recognition
Handwritten Characters and Symbols
Pen-Based Interface
Signature Verification
Drawings and Gestures

Text and Document Understanding
Text Analysis and Recognition
Use of Linguistic Knowledge
Use of Domain-Specific Knowledge
Multilingual Text Understanding

Graphics Recognition
Analysis of Maps
Engineering Drawings Interpretation
Symbol Recognition

Performance Characterization and Evaluation
Image Degradation Models
Performance Characterization
Research Databases

DA Techniques applied to New Media
Electronic Books and Hypertext

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