A list of the many conferences that are related to IWFHR

IAPR TC-11 Current Conferences / Agenda

International Workshop on the
Frontiers of Handwriting Recognition

IWFHR'98 (6th)
IWFHR'2000 (7th)
IWFHR'02 (8th) <- You are here!

International Conference on
Document Analysis and Recognition

ICDAR'97 (4th)
ICDAR'99 (5th)
ICDAR'01 (6th)

International  Conference
on Pattern Recognition

ICPR'98 (14th)
ICPR'2000 (15th)
ICPR'02 (16th)

International workshop on Structural
and Syntactic Pattern Recognition

SSPR'96 (6th)
SSPR'98 (7th)
SSPR'2000 (8th)
SSPR'02 (9th)

International workshop on Statistical
Techniques in Pattern Recognition

SPR'96 (1st)
SPR'98 (2nd)
SPR'2000 (3rd)
SPR'02 (4th)

International Joint Conference
on Neural Networks


British Machine Vision Conference

BMVC'96 (9th)
BMVC'98 (10th)
BMVC'2000 (11th)
BMVC'02 (12th)