Preliminary Program
(This program is subject to change)

  Day 1   Day 2   Day 3
8h30 Opening 8h00 Word Recognition 8h00 Pen Computing & Document Applications
10h00 Coffee Break 10h00 Coffee Break 10h00 Coffee Break
10h20 Classifier Design 10h20 Learning Methods 10h20 Signature Verification & Writer Identification
12h20 Lunch Break 12h20 Lunch Break 12h20 Lunch Break
13h20 Posters & Panel 1 13h20 Posters & Panel 2 13h20 Posters & Panel 3
15h00 Coffee Break 15h00 Coffee Break 15h00 Coffee Break
15h20 On-Line Recognition 15h20 Multiple Classifiers 15h20 Off-Line Recognition
18h00 Closing of Day 1 17h20 Closing of Day 2 17h20 Closing of Day 3
    18h00 Banquet    
ID Authors Title
  Sargur Srihari Opening Remarks
  Mohamed Cheriet
  Udo Miletzki Invited Talk
Classifier Design
ID Authors Title
62 Bin Zhang, Sargur N. Srihari A Fast Algorithm for Finding k-Nearest Neighbors with Non-metric Dissimilarity
66 I. SORALUZE, C. RODRIGUEZ, F. BOTO, A. PÉREZ Multidimensional Multistage K-NN Classifiers for Handwritten Digit Recognition
97 Sanparith Marukatat, Thierry Artières, Patrick Gallinari, Bernadette Dorizzi Rejection Methods for Handwriting Sentence Recognition
103 John F. Pitrelli, Michael P. Perrone Confidence Modeling for Verification Post-Processing for Handwriting Recognition
92 Henry A. Rowley, Manish Goyal, John Bennett The Effect of Large Training Set Sizes on Online Japanese Kanji and English Cursive Recognizers
15 Sriharsha Veeramachaneni, George Nagy, Cheng-Lin Liu, Hiromichi Fujisawa Classifying Isogenous Fields
On-Line Recognition
ID Authors Title
93 Claus Bahlmann, Bernard Haasdonk, Hans Burkhardt On-line Handwriting Recognition with Support Vector Machines---A kernel approach
1 Ken-ichi Maruyama, Minoru Maruyama, Hidetoshi Miyao, Yasuaki Nakano Handprinted Hiragana Recognition using Support Vector Machines
112 Alain Biem Minimum Classification Error Training for Online Handwritten Word Recognition
79 Adnan El-Nasan, Michael Perrone On-Line Handwriting Recognition Using Character Bigram Match Vectors
53 Seiichi Uchida, Hiroaki Sakoe A handwritten character recognition method based on unconstrained elastic matching and eigen-deformations
67 Junko Tokuno, Nobuhito Inami, Shigeki Matsuda, Mitsuru Nakai, Hiroshi Shimodaira, Shigeki Sagayama Context-Dependent Substroke Model for HMM-based On-line Handwriting Recognition
76 Stefan Jaeger, Masaki Nakagawa, Cheng-Lin Liu Comparing On-Line Recognition of Japanese and Western Script in Preparation for Recognizing Multi-Language Documents
30 Akira Nakamura, Hiromitsu Kawajiri BiGram-Based Post-Processing for On-Line Handwriting Recognition Using Correctness Evaluation
Word Recognition
ID Authors Title
51 Alessandro L. Koerich, Robert Sabourin, Yann Leydier, Ching Y. Suen A Hybrid Large Vocabulary Handwritten Word Recognition System using Neural Networks with Hidden Markov Models
45 M. Morita , R. Sabourin, F. Bortolozzi, C. Y. Suen Segmentation and Recognition of Handwritten Dates
56 Qizhi Xu, Jin Ho Kim, Louisa Lam, C. Y. Suen Recognition of Handwritten Month Words on Bank Cheques
70 Wenwei Wang, Anja Brakensiek, Gerhard Rigoll Combination of Multiple Classifiers for Handwritten Word Recognition
121 Hanhong Xue and Venu Govindaraju Incorporating Contextual Character Geometry in Word Recognition
109 SAMIA SNOUSSI MADDOURI, HAMID AMIRI, ABDEL BELAÏD AND CHRISTOPHE CHOISY Combination of Local and Global Vision Modelling for Arabic Handwritten Words Recognition
Learning Methods
ID Authors Title
16 Michael Schuessler Automating Performance Optimization for Script Word Recognition Systems
12 A. Lemieux, C. Gagné, M. Parizeau Genetical Engineering of Handwriting Representations
44 Tetsushi Wakabayashi, Meng Shi, Wataru Ohyama, Fumitaka Kimura A comparative study on mirror image learning and ALSM
64 Jue Wang, Chengyu Wu, Ying-Qing Xu, Heung-Yeung Shum, Liang Ji LEARNING BASED CURSIVE HANDWRITING SYNTHESIS
Multiple Classifiers
ID Authors Title
65 ONDREJ VELEK, STEFAN JAEGER, MASAKI NAKAGAWA A Warping Technique for Normalyzing Likelihoods of Multiple Classifiers and its Effectiveness in Combined On-Line/Off-Line Japanese Character Recognition
36 Simon Guenter, Horst Bunke Creation of classifier ensembles for handwritten word recognition using feature selection algorithms
100 A. F. R. RAHMAN, M. C. FAIRHURST Novel Approaches to Optimised Self-Configuration in High Performance Multiple-Expert Classifiers
89 Merijn van Erp, Louis Vuurpijl, Lambert Schomaker An overview and comparison of voting methods for pattern recognition
88 Matti Aksela, Ramunas Girdziusas, Jorma Laaksonen, Erkki Oja, Jari Kangas Class-Confidence Critic Combining
71 S. Hoque, K. Sirlantzis, M.C. Fairhurst Bit Plane Decomposition and the Scanning n-tuple Classifier
Pen Computing & Document Applications
ID Authors Title
101 Giovanni Seni TreadMill Ink -- Enabling Continuous Pen Input on Small Devices
102 Vuurpijl, Schomaker, vd Broek Vind(x): Using the User Through Cooperative Annotation
95 THIERRY ARTIERES, PATRICK GALLINARI Handwriting Recognition for Mobile Devices: Computing at the Stroke Level
113 Gregory Russell, Michael P. Perrone, Yimin Chee, Aiman Ziq Handwritten Document Retrieval
119 Graham Leedham, Saket Varma, Anish Patankar, Venu Govindaraju Separating Text and Background in Degraded Document Images – A Comparison of Global Thresholding Techniques for Multi-Stage Thresholding
Signature Verification & Writer Identification
ID Authors Title
43 Marc Fuentes, Sonia Garcia-Salicetti, Bernadette Dorizzi On line Signature Verification: Fusion of a Hidden Markov Model anda Neural Network via a Support Vector Machine
91 G. Dimauro, S. Impedovo, R. Modugno, G. Pirlo, L. Sarcinella Analysis of Stability in Hand-Written Dynamic Signatures
120 Sung-Hyuk Cha and Charles C. Tappert Automatic Detection of Handwriting Forgery
55 Katrin Franke, Thorsten Sy, Ottmar Bünnemeyer Ink Texture Analysis for Writer Identification
83 AMeur BENSEFIA, Ali NOSARY, Thierry PAQUET, Laurent HEUTTE Writer Identification by Writer's Invariants
111 Sargur N. Srihari, Sangjik Lee Automatic Handwriting Recognition and Writer Matching on Anthrax-related Handwritten Mail
Off-Line Recognition
ID Authors Title
6 A.Vinciarelli, S.Bengio Writer Adaptation Techniques in Off-Line Cursive Word Recognition
117 Nedjem E. Ayat, M. Cheriet, C. Y. Suen Empirical error based optimization of SVM kernels. Application to digit image recognition.
23 Li Qiang Zhang, Ching Y. Suen Recognition of Courtesy Amounts on Bank Checks based on a Segmentation Approach
54 Cheng-Lin Liu, Hiroshi Sako, Hiromichi Fujisawa Integrated Segmentation and Recognition of Handwritten Numerals: Comparison of Classification Algorithms
57 Slim Kanoun, Abdel Latif Ennaji, Yves LeCourtier Script and Nature Differentiation for Arabic and Latin Text Images
48 Y. Al-Ohali, M. Cheriet, C. Y. Suen Dynamic Observations and Dynamic State Termination for Off-line Handwritten wWord Recognition Using Hmm
25 Cheng-Lin Liu, Kazuki Nakashima, Hiroshi Sako, Hiromichi Fujisawa, Handwritten Digit Recognition Using State-of-the-Art Techniques
Posters & Panel 1
ID Authors Title
34 H.S. YOON, J.Y. LEE , Y.L. BAE, H. S. YANG An On-Line Signature Verification System Using Hidden Markov Model in Polar Space
20 Yong GE, Qiang HUO A Study on the Use of CDHMM for Large Vocabulary Offline Recognition of Handwritten Chinese Characters
32 Chwee Keng Tan An algorithm for on-line strokes verification of Chinese characters using discrete features
77 Vuokko Vuori Clustering Writing Styles with a Self-Organizing Map
49 Su Yang, Guozhong Dai Detecting dominant points on on-line scripts with a simple approach
22 Anja Brakensiek, Gerhard Rigoll, Jörg Rottland Handwritten Address Recognition with Open Vocabulary Using Character N-Grams
26 Markus Wienecke, Gernot A. Fink, Gerhard Sagerer Experiments in Unconstrained Offline Handwritten Text Recognition
82 Ali NOSARY, Thierry PAQUET, Laurent HEUTTE, Ameur BENSEFIA Handwritten Text Recognition Through Writer Adaptation
19 M. Zimmermann, H. Bunke Hidden Markov Model Length Optimization for Handwriting Recognition Systems
106 David Doermann, Nathan Intrator, Ehud Rivlin, Tal Steinherz Hidden Loop Recovery for Handwriting Recognition
17 Alberto Ruiz Affine Alignment for Stroke Classification
Posters & Panel 2
ID Authors Title
50 SLIM KANOUN, ABDELLATIF ENNAJI, YVES LECOURTIER, ADEL M. ALIMI Linguistic Information Integration in The AABATAS Arabic Text Analysis System
72 Ho-Yon Kim, Kil-Taek Lim, Yun-Seok Nam Handwritten Numeral String Recognition Using Neural Network Classifiers Trained with Negative Data
99 Robert Milewski, Venu Govindaraju Medical Word Recognition Using a Computational Semantic Lexicon
122 T. YAMAGUCHI, S. TSURUOKA, T. YOSHIKAWA, T. SHINOGI, E. MAKIMOTO, H. OGATA, M. SHRIDHAR A Segmentation System for Touching Handwritten Japanese Characters
61 Catalin I. Tomai, Bin Zhang, Venu Govindaraju Transcript Mapping for Historic Handwritten Document Images
81 Jonathan Allan, Tony Allen, Nasser Sherkat Automated Assessment: How confident Are We?
98 Ramanujan S. Kashi, Winston L. Nelson Signature Verification: Benefits of Multiple Tries
115 Thomas M. Breuel Representations and Metrics for Off-Line Handwriting Segmentation
85 N. VINCENT, A. SEROPIAN Writer Authentification and Fractal Compression
42 L. M. Mestetskii, I. A. Reyer, T. W. Sederberg Continuous approach to segmentation of handwritten text
31 José Josemar de Oliveira Júnior, João Marques de Carvalho, Cinthia Obladen de Almeida Freitas, Robert Sabourin Feature Sets Evaluation for Handwritten Word Recognition Using a Baseline System
59 Sari Toufik, Souici Labiba, Sellami Mokhtar Off-line handwritten arabic character segmentation and recognition system: ACSA-RECAM
Posters & Panel 3
ID Authors Title
60 Sari Toufik, Sellami Mokhtar MOrpho-LEXical analysis for correcting OCR-generated Arabic words (MOLEX)
74 Daekeun You, Gyeonghwan Kim Slant Correction of Handwritten Strings based on Structural Properties of Korean Characters
75 Claudio De Stefano, Angelo Marcelli From ligatures to characters: a shape-based algorithm for handwriting segmentation
78 Mohamed Ali MAHJOUB, Mohamed Nazih Omri Non Stationary DHMM Based on Line Piece of Arabic Word (PAW) Recognition Network
87 Mario Pechwitz, Volker Maergner Baseline Estimation For Arabic Handwritting Words
107 SOMAYA AL-MA'ADEED, DAVE ELLIMAN, COLIN A HIGGINS A Data Base for Arabic Handwritten Text Recognition Research
110 Neila Mezghani, Mohamed Cheriet, Amar Mitiche On-line recognition of handwritten Arabic characters using A Kohonen neural network
118 Kalyan Takru, Graham Leedham Separation of Touching and overlapping Words in Adjacent Lines of Handwritten Text
35 Masahiro Tanaka, Yumi Ishino, Hironori Shimada, Takashi Inoue DP Matching Using Kalman Filter as Pre-processing in On-line Signature Verification
37 Jonathan Allan, Tony Allen, Nasser Sherkat Confident Assessment of Children’s Handwritten Responses
80 M. Shridhar, F. Kimura, Bart Truijens, Gilles F. Houle Impact of Lexicon Completeness on City Name Recognition
73 S.H. JEONG, K.T. LIM, Y.S. NAM A Combination Method of two Classifiers Based on the Information of Confusion Matrix
90 G. Dimauro, S. Impedovo, R. Modugno, G. Pirlo A New Database for Research on Bank-check Processing

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