CEDAR Handwriting Verification Test 2

This is a test for human competency in determining whether two handwritten document samples were written by the same individual.

Please register your name and e-mail address so we can keep you informed of our research. Your name and e-mail address will also be used incase you wish to quit the test and later continue from where you left off.

The complete test has 824 pairs of samples. A clock will run while you are viewing the images and will display your total time on each screen. The final score does not depend on the time taken. Feel free to quit the test at any time by pressing the 'done' button and you will be able to view your score.

Please do not use your browser's back or refresh buttons while taking the test, your score will be corrupted. Note: This test format is updated. If you had registered previously under the old format, please reregister.

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