Handwritten Word Recognition

Handwritten Word Recognition, also called Isolated Handwritten Word Recognition (HWWR), deals with the problem of machine reading of handwritten words, generally with the assistance of a lexicon of all valid words.

There are two different problems that fall under the purview of handwritten word recognition: Off-line HWWR and On-line HWWR.

Off-line HWWR deals with the problem of reading of a handwritten word off-line, that is, at some point in time (minutes, months, years) after it was written. A handwritten word is typically scanned in from a paper document and made available in the form of a binary or grayscale image to the recognition algorithm.

The problem differs from On-line HWWR where the writing surface is frequently an electronic notepad or a tablet, and where temporal information (the trajectory of the pen as it traced the word) is available to the recognition algorithm, which attempts to recognize the writing as it is being written.