10th Biennial Conference of the
International Graphonomics Society

6 - 8 August 2001

The general aim of the IGS is the advancement of research in the field of graphonomics. The term 'graphonomics' was coined in 1982. It captures the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary nature of the scientific and technological effort involved in identifying relationships between the planning and generation of handwriting and drawing movements, the resulting spatial traces of writing and drawing instruments (either conventional or electronic), and the dynamic features of these traces. The areas of interest include experimental psychology, neuropsychology, biophysics, development and education, paleography, letter design, forensic science, engineering (signal processing), computer science, cognitive science, neuro-imaging and artificial intelligence (recognition).

University of Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Nijmegen Institute for Cognition and Information
International Association of Pattern Recognition
Ass. of Forensic Document Examination
(Co-sponsoring Institutes)
(Affiliated Associations Represented at IGS 2001)