June 1990
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Optical Address Scanner

The US Postal Service recently awarded computer vision researchers at the University of Buffalo a $2.1 million contract to develop a prototype optical address locator. The goal is a system that can find handwritten addresses on all types of mail and sort mail at 12 pieces per second. Current systems reject 40% to 50% of the mail they scan because they cannot distinguish addresses from other writing. Sargur Srihari, professor of computer science at Buffalo, says the problem involves differentiating between the address block, return address, and other writing or graphics, especially on magazines and advertising pieces.

Several Japanese automakers have expressed interest in this work, possibly for implementing optical character recognition into "smart" cars that read road signs and warn drivers of road hazards and speed limits. The Internal Revenue Service and the Central Intelligence Agency are also interested in this work.

Details: Ellen Goldbaum, State University of New York, Buffalo, 136 Crofts Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260. Phone: 716-636-2626. Fax: 716-689-2980.