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Only `you' can have `your' own handwriting: Study
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New York , May 29 (ANI):

Handwriting of different individuals is truly distinct, according to computer scientists at the University of Buffalo who have provided the first peer-reviewed scientific validation that each person's handwriting is individual, according to a report to be published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences in July.

The UB research was cited in an April 29th decision of the US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. That decision allows expert testimony concerning handwritten documents pertinent to the case to be presented. The results of the research could be significant for other court cases in which handwritten documents provide potentially relevant evidence.

"The team's ability to answer the question with such a high confidence rate implies that there is a significant amount of variation between the handwriting of individuals", said Sargur Srihari, SUNY Distinguished Professor in the UB Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and director of the Center of Excellence in Document Analysis and Recognition (CEDAR) at UB.

CEDAR is the largest research center in the world devoted to developing new technologies that can recognise and read handwriting. In the US, it is the only center in a university where researchers in artificial intelligence apply pattern- recognition techniques to the problem of reading handwriting.

The team developed a software system based on an analysis that identified features from each of 1,500 handwriting samples and assigned a value to each feature. Based on those values, the system is able to distinguish with 96 percent confidence whether two documents were written by the same person or different people.

"Instead of analyzing the documents visually, the way a human expert would, this software system deconstructed each sample. The system extracted 11 features that characterize the overall structure of the writing, such as the layout of the document and spacing of each line, and 512 features of individual characters, such as individual stroke marks and how the openings and closures of each character are made", Srihari added.
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