Green Bay News-Chronicle

Green Bay, WI
Saturday, November 10, 1990

Postal Service wants ZIP Code Machine

WASHINGTON: The Postal Service is searching for a machine that could read handwritten zip codes, says U.S. Postmaster General Anthony Frank, who estimated the potential savings at $230 million to $260 million a year.

Sargur Srihari, a computer science professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo has designed a computer model capable of reading 75 percent of handwritten zip codes, Frank said.

Only 4 percent of handwritten mail is automatically processed today. The rest is sorted by hand at a rate of 800 pieces per hour and a cost of $35 per 1000.

In contrast, automated sorting of printed or bar-coded mail is done at a rate of 30,000 per hour at a cost of $3 per 1000, according to the postal service.

"Once the desired equipment is perfected, the postal service is expeceted to realize potential savings of $230 million ot $250 million annualy in processing costs for letter mail," Frank said.

Because delivering the mails is "a dynamic changing business," postal officials must "work smarter, not harder." Frank told participants in a three-day conference here at which academic, private and public researchers and officials from 22 countries shared tips on imporving collection and delivery of mail.