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Macon, GA
Monday, November 12, 1990

Postal Service wants machine that can read handwritten zip codes

WASHINGTON: The Postal Service is searching for a machine that could read handwritten zip codes, says U.S. Postmaster General Anthony Frank, who estimated the potential savings at $230 million to $250 million a year.

Sargur Srihari, a computer science professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo has designed a computer model capable of reading 75 percent of handwritten zip codes, Frank said.

Only 4 percent of handwritten mail is automatically processed today. The rest is sorted by hand at a rate of 800 pieces per hour and a cost of $35 per 1000.

In contrast, automated sorting of printed or bar-coded mail is done at a rate of 30,000 per hour at a cost of $3 per 1000, according to the postal service.

"Once the desired equipment is perfected, the postal service is expeceted to realize potential savings of $230 million ot $250 million annualy in processing costs for letter mail," Frank said.

Because delivering the mails is "dynamic changing business," postal officials must "work smarter, not harder." Frank told participants in a three-day conference here on imporving collection and delivery of mail.