Buffalo, NY

FORGET MAILBAGS. The Postal Service tries sending the mail Electronically.

The U.S. Postal Service tests a system that lets it capture data from business-reply cards -- like those for magazine subscriptions -- using optical scanners, then send the data electronically to mail-order and subscription houses. The system can speed the cycle for reply-card orders by up to three days, the Postal Service says. This makes reply cards more competitive with 800 numbers, a more costly order-taking medium.

"It would allow us to operate more efficiently," cutting paper-handling costs and such, says Mark Backes of Fingerhut Cos. The Minneapolis mail-order company, along with direct-marketing-services company Neodata Corp. of Boulder, Colo., and Rodale Press of Emmaus, Pa., is taking part in the test. Fingerhut also hopes the system will lower postal charges.

The Postal Service intends to offer the new service in the latter half of 1995