Englewood, NJ
June 12, 1991

Read and Sort Handwritten Addresses: Vision system which reads handwritten numbers is now in lab. The US Postal Service is looking at a computer vision system developed at SUNY Buffalo: It not only deciphers handwritten numbers in addresses, but also uses the information to figure out what side of a street, sometimes even which house, to deliver a letter to. New system finds and reads ZIP codes on 75% of handwritten addresses; systems now in use reject 40% to 50% of all mail and more than 95% of handwritten mail. Although new system reads only numbers (researchers are working on letter reading) computer can make a good guess what the street is from fact that few streets in a particular city or town have building or house numbers with the same last two digits. Researchers hope to be able to process 12 letters/sec, quicker than the current 2 sec/ZIP code.

Details: Dr. Sargur Srihari, Professor of Computer Science, State University of New York, Buffalo, NY 14260. Phone: 716-636-3191