January 10, 1997

WASHINGTON -- The Board of Governors at its meeting in Washington, DC, this week approved the purchase of systems that will increase the amount of handwritten mail sorted by automated machinery.

Approval involved purchase of additional 224 Handwritten Address Interpretation (HWAI) systems for integration into Remote Computer Readers (RCRs) at existing remote encoding sites.

HWAI is result of several years research and development performed by State University of New York at Buffalo and USPS. Initial research provided system that took several minutes to analyze and encode a single handwritten address. But deployed HWAI systems analyze more than 90,000 images per hour and successfully encode 11%.

Thirty-four HWAI systems were deployed at a cost of $5 million prior to Thanksgiving to help reduce holiday workload at various locations. These systems encoded about 50 million pieces of handwritten mail, saving estimated $1 million during Dec. 1 through Dec. 25 period.

Since current equipment reads less than 2% of all handwritten mail, deployment of additional 224 HWAI systems should help USPS approach goal of encoding 30% in FY98. All of planned 254 RCRs are expected to be upgraded by Sept. 1997.

In other action, Board approved funding for new Golden, Co, Main Post Office; authorized additional funding for Las Vegas P&DC expansion; and announced approval of filing with Postal Rate Commission on price structure of parcel services -- the fourth phase of classification reform.