United States Postal Service Advanced Technology Conference - 1992

Washington DC

Opening Session 8:00-9:30

Guest Speakers: William J. Dowling, Robert Lucky

10:00-11:30 Session MIA Monday, November 30

Topic: Material Handling
Session Chairman: Gary Flann
  • Y. Yeung (Canada Post Corporation) : Incorporating point-of-call sequencing in mail processing system : p. 3
  • Kenneth Guenther (Bell & Howell Company) : Back to basics on flats feeding : p. 19
  • Jean- Claude Burbaud (French Post Office Technical Research Centre) : Automatic feed unit for parcel sorting machines : p. 33
  • Richard E. Blahut (IBM) : A damage resistant bar code for the royal mail : p. 49
  • Bill Hornsby (Habasit Belting, Inc.) : Improving material handling system performance through belt selection : p. 55
  • 10:00-11:30 Session MIB Monday, November 30

    Topic: Operations Research
    Session Chairman: Marjorie stein
  • Bruce E. Tonn (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) : Technology and the 21st Century Government Organization : p. 75
  • John L. Maryak (The Johns Hopkins University) : Isolating Errors in state-Space Models of Complex Systems : p. 93
  • John A. Cristion (The Johns Hopkins University) : Control of complex Dynamic Systems by Neural Networks : p. 109
  • Teresa C. Rubinson (Pitney Bowes) : A Fuzzy Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Distribution Network Analysis : p. 125
  • Jonathan F. Bard (The University of Texas) : A Hierarchical Approach to Equipment Selection and Scheduling at a GMF : p. l37
  • Ruth Jacobson (Hughes Aircraft Company) : Computerized Scheduling of Bar Code Sorters in a General Mail Facility : p. 153
  • 10:00-11:30 Session MIC Monday, November 30

    Topic: Word Recognition
    Session Chairman: John Tan
  • C.R. Nohl (AT&T Bell Laboratories) : Character-based handwritten address word recognition with lexicon : p. 167
  • Sriganesh Madhvanath (SUNY Buffalo) : Using holistic features in handwritten word recognition : p. 183
  • S. Tsuruoka (Mie University) : Context directed handwritten word recognition for Postal Service applications : p. 199
  • Paul D. Gader (University of Missouri-Columbia) : Segmentation-based handprinted word recognition : p. 215
  • John T. Favata ( SUNY Buffalo) : Recognition of general handwritten words using a hypothesis generation and reduction methodology : p. 237
  • William B. Cavnar (Environmental Research Institute of Michigan) : Using superimposed coding of N-gram lists for efficient inexact matching : p. 253
  • Guest Speaker: Raj Reddy

    2:00-3:15 Session M2A Monday, November 30

    Topic: Maintenance Technologies
    Session Chairman: J. Gerard Bohan
  • J.J. Knight (British Post Office) : A model-based approach to diagnostic expert systems : p. 271
  • Roger Whitton (British Post Office) : Experience and progress with the British Post Office Socrates System : p. 281
  • Per Juul Nielsen (Danish Post Office) : POST I -The Danish integrated information and training system : p. 291
  • Norman H. Wold (Wizdom Systems) : Open systems and equipment maintenance : p. 299
  • 2:00-3:15 Session M2B Monday, November 30

  • Jerry A. Burman (Hughes Missile Systems Group) : Address Interpretation Session chairman: Gerardo Garcia -A model for estimating the performance of intelligent character recognition systems using Markov chains : p. 309
  • Edward Cohen (SUNY Buffalo) : Determining delivery point code on handwritten addresses : p. 321
  • Peggy Ganzberger (Environmental Research Institute of Michigan) : A system for handwritten address interpretation : p. 337
  • Daniel J. Hepp (Environmental Research Institute of Michigan) : A system for the analysis of machine printed address block images using contextual information : p. 353
  • Peter B. Cullen (SUNY Buffalo) : A constraint-based approach to postal address interpretation : p. 367
  • 2:00-3:15 Panel Enterprise Systems

    Panel Chairman: Richard D. Weirich

    4:00-5:30 Session M3A Monday, November 30

    Topic: Information Technology
    Session Chairman: Bernard Bennington
  • Charles R. Chamberlain (United States Postal Service) : Potential role of the united states Postal Service as a provider of value added "trusted" electronic mail services for Federal Government Commerce program : p. 379
  • Franco Vervloet (CPC Process Control Department) : Mail processing support systems : p. 393
  • George Fagan (Bowne Distinct Ltd. ) : The GEOMOD system : p. 413
  • V.M. Kelkar (Department of Posts) : Computers in Indian post offices : p. 419
  • V. Uzilevski (Technopost Center) : The experience on introduction of information technologies into the trial zone of St. Petersburg : p. 431
  • Paul S. Goodman (Carnegie Mellon University) : The role of customer satisfaction surveys in designing information technology : p. 443
  • 4:00-5:30 Session M3B Monday, November 30

    Topic: Material Handling
    Session Chairman: Edward Kuebert
  • Francis T. Korosec (International Business Machines) : Simplified mail flow: continuous flow manufacturing applied to mail processing : p. 459
  • Billy Ray Jackson (Harnischfeger Engineers, Inc.) : Optimization of postal facilities for letter mail flow : p. 475
  • John C. Weller (United States Postal Service) : An analysis and simulation of the postal automated staging and retrieval system (PASRS) for the West Sacramento, California mail processing center : p. 489
  • Toshiro Ono (Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications) : Tray transfer machine : p. 505
  • J.C. Burbaud (French Post Technical Research Center) : A Research Experiment: Handling of parcel containers in a parcel office : p. 521
  • 4:00-5:30 Session M3C Monday, November 30

    Topic: Word Recognition
    Session Chairman: Carl O'Connor
  • Venu Govindaraju (SUNY Buffalo) : Using temporal information in off-line word recognition : p. 529
  • M. Leroux (French Post Technical Research Center) : Recognition of cursive script amounts on postal cheques : p. 545
  • Andrew M. Gillies (Environmental Research Institute of Michigan) : Cursive word recognition using hidden Markov models : p. 557
  • Mou-Yen Chen (SUNY Buffalo) : Off-line handwritten word recognition using hidden Markov model : p. 563
  • Brigette Plessis (MATRA MS2i) : Isolated handwritten word recognition for contextual address reading : p. 579
  • 8:30-9:30 Plenary Session

    Guest speaker: Shoshana Zuboff

    10:00-11:30 Session T1A Tuesday, December 1

    Topic: Information Technology
    session Chairman: Charles Chamberlain
  • Sunder Kekre (Carnegie Mellon University) : Impact of EDI Technology: Chrysler's gains, USPS loss? : p. 595
  • Tridas Mukhopadhyay (Carnegie Mellon University) : Measuring and understanding drivers of costs at general mail facilities: The USPS experience : p. 611
  • Lawrence S. Levy (Bowne Distinct Ltd.) : Vehicle routing and scheduling problems over street networks : p. 625
  • Rolland D. Culp (The Austin Company) : High density bar codes and EDI enhance U.S. mail manifesting : p. 643
  • Ernst-Werner Jungst (Daimler-Benz) : FACTEDIS-A tool for generating real time diagnostic expert systems : p. 659
  • 10:00-11:30 Panel Human Resources

    Panel Chairperson: Karen T. Uemoto

    10:00-11:30 Session T1B Tuesday, December 1

    Topic: Character Recognition
    session Chairman: Joe Yacyk
  • Roger S. Gaborski (Eastman Kodak Company) : Improved readability of machine printed characters : p. 673
  • Dar-Shyang Lee (SUNY Buffalo) : Machine printed character recognition with biological and theoretical bases : p. 689
  • Joe Decker (Synaptics, Inc.) : Convolutional neural networks for the combined segmentation and recognition of machine printed characters : p. 701
  • Robert Vogt (Environmental Research Institute of Michigan) : Neural network recognition of machine-printed characters : p. 715
  • W. J. Sakoda (SUNY Stony Brook) : An address recognition system based on feature extraction from gray scale : p. 727
  • R. G. Casey (IBM Almaden Research Center) : Segmentation of touching characters in postal addresses : p. 743
  • Guest Speaker: Marvin Runyon, Postmaster General

    2:00-3:15 Session T2A Tuesday December 1

    Topic: Directory for Address Interpretation
    Session Chairman: Ray Morgan
  • Ping-Kit Wong (SUNY Buffalo) : Firm name recognition for automatic address interpretation : p. 757
  • Don Clysdale (Canada Post Corporation) : Canada Post Corporation's point of call identifier : p. 771
  • David S. Bradburn (TRW Financial Systems) : Self-organizing ZIP +4 database for parallel implementation : p. 783
  • Paul Filipski (SUNY Buffalo) : Compression for fast read-only access of a large database : p. 795
  • Alan J. Vayda (Environmental Research Institute of Michigan) : A system for ASCII address interpretation : p. 809
  • 2:00-3:15 Session T2B Tuesday, December 1

    Topic: Material Handling
    Session Chairman: Mason Lilly
  • Walter Rosenbaum (General Directorate of Posts & Telegraphs) : New application and technology trends in Postal Service : p. 823
  • Cheng Weizhong (The Postal Research Institute of Science & Technology) : A flexible system used in Postal hubs : p. 837
  • Kerien W. Fitzpatrick (Carnegie Mellon University) : Autonomous cargo transport system : p. 849
  • Warren D. Little (University of Victoria) : Arraytag technology: a new technology for automatic package identification : p. 861
  • Rajan C. Penkar (United Parcel Service) : A two-dimensional dense code symbology and reader for the package handling environment : p. 875
  • S. L. Hou (TMC Company) : TMC patented multi-nozzle ink jet printer : p. 885
  • 2:00-3:15 Session T2C Tuesday, December 1

    Topic: Decision Support
    Session Chairman: Harvey Donaldson
  • F. Javier Lerch (Carnegie Mellon University) : Information search in real-time dynamic decision-making : p. 893
  • James C. Flannery (United States Postal Service) : Coordinated control of a distributed system for transport and staging of mail trays : p. 913
  • Greig Greenwald (International Business Machines) : Real-time multi-user cooperative scheduling in a complex environment : p. 927
  • James Baker (Kenan Systems Corporation) : Intelligent real time operation systems modeling and simulation : p. 939
  • William R. Stewart, Jr. (University of Colorado) : Improved vehicle routing using generalized assignments and TABU search : p. 945
  • Kirk Baumgartner (American Airlines Decision Technologies) : Automated routing guide for American Airlines cargo : p. 957
  • 4:00-5:30 Session T3A Tuesday, December 1

    Topic: operations Research
    Session Chairman: Bernard Markowicz
  • Philippe-Eric Landry (Canada Post Corporation) : GeoPostal applications at Canada Post Corporation (CPC) : p. 969
  • H. C. Harrison (UniversityCollege-Dublin) : A geographical database approach to the optimization of the Irish postal network : p. 981
  • Hoaguan Chu (Arthur D. Little, Inc.) : A study of performance measurement and postal network efficiency : p. 991
  • Jiang Hong-liang (Third Research Institute of M. P.T.) : Optimizing technology of postal transport network : p. 1001
  • Bruce E. Tonn (OakRidge National Laboratory) : Synthesizing evidence for diagnosis : p. 1015
  • 4:00-5:30 Session T3B Tuesday, December 1

    Topic: Material Handling
    Session Chairman: Keith Phillips
  • J.T.W. Damen (PTTResearch) : Buffer sorting, a new and flexible way of handling mail : p. 1025
  • Hanno Gillmann (AEG-ElectroCom) : A new bin type high performance sorting machine : p. 1045
  • Jeffrey Nice (Chamberlain MRC) : Carrier sequence bar code sorter : p. 1061
  • G. Noiraux (French Postal Service) : The Fresh Flat Sorting Machine : p. 1075
  • Rodney O. Kirby (Harnischfeger Engineers, Inc.) : Using modular components for an SPBS feed system : p. 1087
  • 4:00-5:30 Session T3C Tuesday, December 1

    Topic: Image Acquisition and preprocessing
    Session Chairman: Oscar Avant
  • Bao- Ting Lerner (KT-TechIncorporated) : Algebraic image enhancement for automatic address reading : p. 1099
  • Richard Fenrich (SUNY Buffalo) : A real-time high-resolution image acquisition prototype : p. 1113
  • E. A. Shchuko (Technopost) : Preliminary image processing of mail items : p. 1129
  • Mohsen Ghaderi (Eastman Kodak Company) : Adaptive image enhancement algorithm for degraded documents : p. 1139
  • N. Bartneck (Daimler-Benz AG) : Color segmentation by classification with supervised and unsupervised learning : p. 1153
  • 8:30-9:30 Plenary Session

    Guest Speaker: Lotfi A. Zadeh

    10:00-11:30 Panel Maintenance Technologies

    Panel Chairman: William J. Dowling

    10:00-11:30 Session W1A Wednesday, December 2

    Topic: Operations Research
    Session Chairman: Kyle Pasternak
  • Michael Ball (University of Maryland) : Locating competitive new facilities in the presence of existing facilities : p. 1169
  • Athanasios K.Ziliaskopoulos (The University of Texas at Austin) : Design and implementation of a shortest path algorithm with time-dependent arc costs : p. 1179
  • Irfan Ali (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) : Analysis of models for internal mail delivery systems : p. 1195
  • Tetsuya ABE (TOSHIBA Corporation) : A postal truck scheduling expert system : p. 1211
  • 10:00-11:30 Session W1B Wednesday, December 2

    Topic: Address Block Location
    Session Chairman: John Mampe
  • Alain Gardin (CGA-HBS) : A real time address block location system for handwritten letter and flat mail : p. 1221
  • Jenchyou Lii (SUNY Buffalo) : Use of character recognition and address syntax in address block location : p. 1241
  • C.Viard-Gaudin (IRESTE) : Robust extraction of destination address block using a multi-levelsegmentation : p. 1257
  • Ronald L. Allen (University of Texas at Arlington) : Pose space search for address block location in letter mail : p. 1271
  • John Platt (Synaptics,Inc.) : Convolutional neural networks for address block location : p. 1283
  • Takeshi Bashoumatsu (NEC Corporation) : Address block location and format identification of Japanese address reading OCR : p. 1295
  • Guest Speaker: Michael Coughlin, Deputy Postmaster General

    2:00-3:15 Session W2A Wednesday, December 2

    Topic: OCR Mail processing Systems
    Session Chairman: Tim Barnum
  • Jonathan J. Hull (SUNY Buffalo) : Architectural design for address interpretation in a laboratory address recognition unit (LARU) : p. 1313
  • Yukinobu Tokunaga (Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications) : OCR flat sorting machine : p. 1325
  • Binh C. Phan (United States Postal Service) : An OCR architecture for postal applications : p. 1339
  • Dai Zhi-kang (The Third Research Institute of M.P.T.) : Handwritten postcode recognition system with multimicroprocessor : p. 1347
  • Raymond W. Lee (Bell & Howell Company) : The design of an image processing subsystem : p. 1359
  • 2:00-3:15 Session W2B Wednesday, December 2

    Topic: Material Handling
    Session Chairman: Wes Goode
  • Stephen H. Bennett (United states Postal Service) : Random top loading of parcels and sacks into a pallet box as an efficient alternative to manual or automated pallet load building : p. 1373
  • Marian Tomusiak (Kenan Systems Corporation) : ASPIRE-Simulating the GMF of the future : p. 1387
  • Per Juul Nielsen (General Directorate of Posts & Telegraphs) : Simulation of multiline OCR sorting and video coding : p. 1397
  • Kambiz Tabibzadeh (Eastern Kentucky University) : A general purpose material handling simulation system : p. 1403
  • Sheldon Nebeker (Harnischfager Engineers, Inc.) : Simulation modeling of a Delivery Bar Code Sorter sweep side support system : p. 1409
  • 2:00-3:15 Session W2C Wednesday, December 2

    Topic: Decision Support
    Session Chairman: Harvey Donaldson
  • Don Clysdale (Canada Post Corporation) : The natural affinity of GIS and postal administrations: a Canada Post perspective : p. 1421
  • Brian McGill (Kenan Systems Corporation) : Evaluating a decision support system : p. 1437
  • Michael R. Hilliard (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) : Integrated decision support for planning, scheduling, analysis and execution in complex transportation systems : p. 1453
  • Jane Dillon (British Post Office) : CRAMP - An example of the development of a graphical user interface : p. 1465
  • William F. Comtois (Kenan Systems Corporation) : Analysis of a generic postal retail unit configured with a stamps-only window : p. 1475
  • APPENDIX A 5th Advanced Technology Conference

  • Kenneth D. Stack, Richard C. Benson : The Effects of Roller Velocity Profiles and Media weight on the Feeding Reliability of Friction Feeders : p. A-3
  • Randy L. House, Cihan H. Dagli : An Approach to Three-Dimensional Pallet Loading Using GeneticAlgorithms : p. A-19
  • Sridhar Vootla, Celestine A. Ntuen, Eui H. Park : Robot Acquisition of Dynamic Human Skull using visuo Sensory Data : p. A-33
  • Behnam Pourbabai, Robert P. orelind, Carl L. Johnson : Developing Operational Policies for u.s. Postal Service's Automated Loading and Unloading Facilities: A Case Study : p. A-45
  • Luigi Pavani : The Enricher -A high speed, real-time systems for the optimization of mail flow by prediction of success in both automatic address reading and linear code recognition : p. A-69
  • Michael P. Whalen, Daniel J. Hepp, Thomas M. Peurach : Goal-directed Parsing of Address Block Fields : p. A-75
  • J. M. Gloger : A Hough Transform Based Elimination of Auxiliary Lines in Addresses : p. A-85
  • Yi Lu, Beverly Haist, Laurel Harmon, John Trenkle, Robert Vogt : An Accurate and Efficient System for Segmenting Machine- Printed Text : p. A-93
  • Jean-Claude Oriot : Document Analysis: The Location of a Region of Interest in a Complex Environment : p. A-107
  • C.J.C. Burges, J.I. Ben, C.R. Nohl : Recognition of Handwritten Cursive Postal Words using Neural Networks : p. A-117
  • H.P. Graf, J.I. Ben, C.J.C. Burges, C.R. Nohl : Address Block Location and Image Preprocessing Using Neural Net Hardware : p. A-125
  • Paul D. Gader, Brian D. Forester, Andrew M. Gillies, Margaret J. Ganzberger, Robert C. Vogt, John M. Trenkle : A Segmentation-Free Neural Network Classifier for Machine- Printed Numeric Fields : p. A-137
  • Michael Olea, James F. McNamara, David S. Bradburn, Robert W. Smith : Recognition Confidence Calibration Techniques : p. A-151
  • Chungte Teng, Bihn Phan : Handwritten ZIP Digit Recognition without Size Normalization : p. A-161
  • Jurgen Franke : Experiments on the CENPARMI Data Set with Different Structured Classifiers : p. A-167
  • Jairo Rocha, Theo Pavlidis : A Shape Analysis Model with Applications to an Address Recognition System : p. A-183
  • Toshifumi Yamuauchi, Jun Tsukumo, Tsutomu Temma : Quality Based Learning for Neural Networks, and its Application to Handwritten Numerical Recognition : p. A-195
  • Robert W. Smith, James F. McNamara, David S. Bradburn : Pattern Classification Techniques Applied to Character Segmentation : p. A-207