International Journal of Research & Engineering,
Postal Applications

ISSN 1043-7134
US Postal Service Library, 475 L'Enfant Plaza SW, Washington DC 20260-8118
Copyright 1989 by the IJRE

Inaugural Issue, 1989

Table of Contents

Address Reading

F. Ghorbel, G. Cazuguel and J.L. de Bougrenet de la Tocnaye : Similiarity-Invariant Analysis of Handwritten ZIP Code Using Fourier Descriptors : pp. 1-5
O.E. Plyatsek, L.E. Yaschook, Dr. Sci. : Adaptation of Recognition Algorithms to Arbitrary Character Orientation : pp. 13-18
Shinji Sase, Hiroyki Kami, Toshio Ishikawa and Kanehiro Kubota : Application of Neural-Net to Read Printed Japanese Addresses : pp. 25-29
Sargur N. Srihari, Edward Cohen, Jonathan J. Hull and Leonard Kuan : A System to Locate and Recognize ZIP Codes in Handwritten Addresses : pp. 37-45
Sargur N. Srihari, Jung Soh and Paul W. Palumbo : Towards Developing a Real-Time System to Locate Address Blocks on Mail Pieces : pp. 57-65
Zheng Zhang, Irmfried Hartmann, Jun Guo and Richard Suchenwirth : A Recognition Method of Printed Chinese Characters by Feature Combination : pp. 77-83

Automatic and Adaptive Material Handling

John M. Buday : Advanced Transport Stacker Live Mail Test : pp. 93-97
L. Scot Duncan : Microcomputer Motion Analysis Applied to Mail Transport Systems : pp. 105-109
Walter Merz : New Results of Research and Engineering Work on Pneumatic Conveying of Postal Parcels : pp. 117-120
Franc Solina and Ruzena Bajcsy : Recovery of Mail Piece Shape from Range Images Using 3-D Deformable Models : pp. 125-131
Ramojus P. Vaitys : Advanced Research on Techniques for Intelligent Singulation of Manual Letters : pp. 141-145

Expert Systems, Human Factors and Maintenance

Jane Dillon and Joe Langford : A Human Factors Tool for Non-experts and its use in Site Planning for Datapost : Inland Tracking and Tracing System pp. 153-161
Rose Oldfield Hayes, Ph.D. : Effect of a Work Hardening Program in Mechanized Mail Sorting : pp. 173-178
Roger H. Whitton : User Assistance Methods Within Expert Systems : pp. 187-192

Management Information Systems, Economics and Planning

J. Walter Lautenberger, Jr. : The Economic Balance between Window Clerk Workhours and Customer Waiting Time : pp. 199-202

Abstracts in Other Languages

pp. 207-221