Eugene Koontz - Implementation of the HLT project

Diagram of the postprocessorsysdiagram

The results of the handwriting recognizer are postprocessed using linguistic information. I am managing the implementation of this postprocessing.

Current status (last updated )

Testing is being done NOW...

Memory problems associated with tagger are solved!! (thanks to Purify)

The implementation project can be divided into a number of components, as shown below :

Problems / Things to be done (in order of priority) :

  1. Optimize the functions wt_est and t_est. Pallavi has finished this
  2. Migrate client-server code to Solaris. (being done now by me)
  3. Turn entire postprocessor into a server that takes a trellis from a client and returns a list of the best n sentences to the client. Suspended
  4. Redo user interface of demo to allow for different language models in the same demo.Suspended

Hey all you C programmers : Are you debugging under Solaris? Do you miss xdbx ? Well, try XEmacs gdb mode. Go to the Tools menu and choose Debug (GDB) ... It has a good mouse-driven interface and works much the same as xdbx. I haven't tried the dbx mode, but I assume it's also good. I'm using GDB because I'd like to move over to GNU-type tools completely.

If you would like to run the test, here's what you should do :

  1. Find a headless machine running SunOS 4.1.3 or 4.1.4. Use ruptime to find such a machine with not much load on it - don't use a machine someone else is running jobs on.
  2. cd to your own working directory.
  3. do /images/O/ekoontz/corpus-tools/RULE_BASED_TAGGER_V1.14/tag_server/bin/start_tag_server /images/O/ekoontz/corpus-tools/RULE_BASED_TAGGER_V1.14/mytraining/FINAL.LEXICON /images/O/ekoontz/corpus-tools/RULE_BASED_TAGGER_V1.14/mytraining/LEXRULEOUTFILE /images/O/ekoontz/corpus-tools/RULE_BASED_TAGGER_V1.14/Bin_and_Data/BIGRAMS /images/O/ekoontz/corpus-tools/RULE_BASED_TAGGER_V1.14/mytraining/CONTEXT-RULEFILE &
  4. wait for message : Tagger has been loaded - tagger server ready for clients.
  5. do /images/O/ekoontz/trie/bin/start_server_compiled /images/O/ekoontz/email/stats/trie_sss2.comp &
  6. wait for message :Trie has been built - server ready for clients.
  7. do /images/O/ekoontz/hlt/sss/bin/test -sm /images/O/ek oontz/hlt/sss/bin/
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