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Multibiometrics for Human Identification

Bir Bhanu ( )
Venu Govindaraju ( )

Cambridge University Press

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With a very security conscious society, biometrics based authentication and identification have become center of focus for many important applications as it is believed that biometrics can provide accurate and reliable identification. Biometrics research and technology continue to mature rapidly, driven by pressing industrial and government needs and supported by industrial and government funding.

However, many of the applications require higher level of accuracy performance not feasible with a single biometrics today. Additionally, it is also believed that fusing multiple biometrics will improve indexing of large databases and provide a wider coverage of population who may not be able to provide a single biometrics. Further, it will also improve the security of the systems in terms of spoof attacks. This book will address all aspects of research issues in different sensing modes and modalities and levels of fusion of biometrics samples, and combination of algorithms with the sole goal of improving performance of biometrics. Theoretical and large scale empirical studies on sensor fusion techniques applied to biometrics authentication, identification and performance evaluation/prediction are of interest.

The theme of the edited book is multibiometrics and its scope will include all aspects of multibiometrics that include multimodal, multisensory, levels of fusion, multiple algorithms and multiple data acquisition instances.

The book will consist of seven parts:

  • Part I: Multimodal Biometrics Systems
    • This part will include papers on multimodal biometric systems. Examples are face and gait; face and voice; face and ear; fingerprint and face; face and lip movements; pulse and heart rate; video, etc.
  • Part II: Multisensor Biometrics Systems
    • This part will include papers based on color video, infrared video, multi-spectral imagery, range, acoustics, etc.
  • Part III: Fusion Methods in Multibiometrics Systems
    • This part will cover fusion at pixel, feature, decision, rank and match score levels. It will also include fusion of soft and hard biometrics and the integration of contextual information with hard biometrics.
  • Part IV: Multiple Algorithms in Multibiometrics Systems
    • This part will cover methods based on multiple methods for feature extraction, feature selection and matching.
  • Part V: Multiple Samples and Multiple Instance and Hybrid Biometric Systems
    • This part will describe methods for face recognition with changing pose in video, multiple instances of fingerprints, multiview gait, and various other combinations of biometrics systems.
  • Part VI: Performance of Multibiometrics Systems
    • This part will describe multibiometric databases, increasing robustness of biometric systems to spoof attacks, methods for performance evaluation and performance prediction of multimodal biometric systems.
  • Part VII: Biographies, References and Index Terms
    • This part will cover acknowledgements, biographies of authors, references and index terms.

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Chapter guidelines - tutorial flavor. Approximately 20 pages of book in length. Specify to which part (see above) your paper fits in.

Each chapter will be carefully reviewed. Authors of accepted papers will sign a Memorandum of Agreement with Cambridge University Press and will receive a copy of the published book.

IEEE Computer Society Workshop on Biometrics is planned in conjunction with CVPR2009.
Papers submitted for this workshop will be considered for inclusion in the book.


Chapter Submission: In Progress
Feedback to Authors: Jul 1, 2009
Revised Chapters: Aug 15, 2009

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