Rajiv Chopra


28 B, Durham Dr
Amherst, NY 14228
(716) 639-7708
Work Address
3, CEDAR, Suite 202,
520 Lee Entrance Amherst, NY 14228
(716) 645-6164x133

Availability May 1997
Objective Challenging position in research and development of multimedia / database systems
Education State University of New York at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY
Ph.D in Computer Science, (expected) May 1997
Major Advisor: Dr. Rohini K. Srihari
Dissertation Title: An Architecture for Exploiting Qualitative, Scene-specific Context in High-level Computer Vision
Minor: Financial Management
Indian Institute of Technology
Kanpur, India
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering, June 1992
Advisor: Dr. S. G. Dhande
Project: Visualization of Cloud Movements over the Indian Subcontinent
Experience Research Assistant: CEDAR , SUNY at Buffalo
Jan 1993 - Present
As an active member of the Language and Vision Research group of the Center of Excellence for Document Analysis and Recognition (CEDAR), I have participated in the design and development of PICTION, Show&Tell and MARS, systems that explore the use of collateral information in the task of image and video interpretation. Research contributions included constraint satisfaction based control algorithms, knowledge base modeling and querying, spatial representation and reasoning, user-interface design and object-oriented multimedia database design. Detailed descriptions in Projects list.
Teaching Assistant: Dept. of Computer Science , SUNY at Buffalo
Fall, 1992
Responsible for recitations and grading of a senior level course on Compiler Design.
  • Multimedia
    • MARS: Multimedia Annotation and Retrieval System. Responsible for the design and implementation of data modeling and querying, inter- and intra-stream synchronisation, video segmentation and interface design. Implemented in C++ and C using Posix threads, AmosAudio, Illustrs ORDBMS.

  • AI & Vision
    • Show&Tell An Image Annotation, Interpretation and Retrieval System. Responsible for the design and implementation of the image interpretation module, knowledge base construction and querying, Lisp-C interaction, spatial indices and spatial querying, GUI design and integration of speech recognition, language understanding and query modules. Developed in C, Lisp & Loom.
    • Piction: A Newspaper picture and caption understanding system. Implemented in Lisp, Loom and GUI developed under GARNET.
    • Designed and implemented constrained visual search, using spatial reasoning, in an autonomous mobile robot with a pseudo-natural language interface.
    • Implemented edge detection, Bayesian classification, feature clustering, neural network classification, and spatial axis transform algorithms.
    • Implemented an expert system to locate caption blocks in a symbolic newspaper layout.
    • Wrote Interactive C based control programs for a mobile Lego robot.

  • Systems
    • Dope++ Designed and implemented a Distributed object-based programming environment in C++. The objects interact in a distributed space through RPC and IPC calls in a client/server model. Transparency of distribution of objects is achieved by a preprocessor that generates stubs.
    • Compiler: Wrote front end of C compiler to facilitate program analysis using test cases.

  • Graphics
    • Implemented fractal based model of terrain and clouds, digital mapping and fly through simulation under Starbase and Iris libraries.
    • Implemented algorithms for physics-based deformable surface modeling and character animation using Starbase on HP9000/835 w/s.
    • Implemented 3D object modeling environment using XLib.
Publications 1. Rajiv Chopra and Rohini Srihari, ``Enabling Spatial Reasoning in Collateral Based Vision using Interval Arithmetic'', in preparation.
2. R.K. Srihari, Z. Zhang and R. Chopra, ``Show&Tell: Using Speech Input for Image Interpretation and Annotation'', Journal version in preparation.
3. Rajiv Chopra and Rohini Srihari, ``Using Interval Arithmetic To Model Finite Domain CSPs Where Domain Generation Is Expensive'', submitted to National Conference on AI, AAAI97, December 1996
4. Rajiv Chopra, R.K. Srihari and A. Ralston, ``Hyper-Arc Consistency and Expensive Constraints'', CONSTRAINTS-96, Workshop on Constraint Satisfaction Techniques at Florida AI Research Symposium FLAIRS96, May 1996
5. R.K. Srihari, Z. Zhang, M. Venkatraman and R. Chopra, ``Using Speech Input for Image Interpretation and Annotation'', Proceedings of the ARPA Image Understanding Workshop, Palm Springs, CA, February 1996
6. Rajiv Chopra and R.K. Srihari, ``Control Structures for Incorporating Picture-Specific Context in Image Interpretation'', Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on AI, IJCAI-95, Vol. 1, pp. 50-55, August 1995.
7. Debra T. Burhans, Rajiv Chopra and R.K. Srihari, ``Domain Specific Understanding of Spatial Expressions'', Proceedings of the IJCAI-95 Workshop on Representation and Processing of Spatial Expressions, August 1995. (paper to be published as a chapter in a forthcoming book by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates)
8. R.K. Srihari, R. Chopra, D. Burhans, M. Venkatraman and V. Govindaraju,``Use of Collateral Text in Image Interpretation'', Proceedings of the ARPA Image Understanding Workshop, Monterey, CA, November 1994
Skills Computer Languages: Lisp, C, C++, CLOS, Pascal, Prolog
Environments: LOOM KBMS, Khoros, Illustra and O2
Utilities: LaTeX, X, Motif, GARNET, rpcgen, Unix shell, perl, Matlab, BBN Hark Speech Recognizer, SGI Iris and HP Starbase Graphics libraries.
Awards Presidential Fellowship of SUNY Buffalo 1992 - 1995
Ranked in the top 0.0005 percentile in the IIT Joint Entrance Exam 1988
National Talent Search Certificate of Govt. of India 1986 - 1992
References Available upon request