Instructor: Sargur Srihari Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo

Probabilistic graphical models are graphical representations of probability distributions. Such models are versatile in representing complex probability distributions encountered in many scientific and engineering applications. They have now become essential to designing systems exhibiting advanced artificial intelligence, such as generative models for deep learning.

The first wave of Artificial Intelligence, known as knowledge-based systems, was based on pre-programmed logic. The second wave, which is based on deep learning, has made spectacular advances for sensing and perception. The next advance will be based on probabilistic reasoning-- so as to take uncertainty into account as well as to address current liitations of deep learning, e.g., provide explanations of decisions, ethical AI, etc.

The course covers theory, principles and algorithms associated with probabilistic graphical models. Both directed graphical models (Bayesian networks) and undirected graphical models (Markov networks) are discussed covering representation, inference and learning.

Reference textbooks for the course are: (1)"Probabilistic Graphical Models" by Daphne Koller and Nir Friedman (MIT Press 2009), (ii) Chris Bishop's "Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning" (Springer 2006) which has a chapter on PGMs that serves as a simple introduction, and (iii) "Deep Learning" by Goodfellow, Press, 2016), has several chapters relating to graphical models.

Course topics are listed below with lecture slides. The slides are meant to be self-contained. They are being continually updated each time the course is taught. The course organization and slides were last updated in Spring 2019.

For related courses see Introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Lecture Slides for Probabilistic Graphical Models
  1. Overview
    1. Probabilistic Artificial Intelligence(3.6MB)
    2. Overview of Probabilistic Graphical Models(922KB)
    3. Bayesian Regression in terms of PGMs(460KB)
    4. PGMs as Generative Models and Sampling(275KB)
    5. Bayesian Networks: Discrete and Continuous Cases(1.3MB)
  2. Foundations
    1. Probability Foundations(296KB)
    2. Discrete Distributions(1MB)
    3. Gaussian Distribution(833KB)
  3. Directed Graphical Models
    1. Bayesian Network Representation(432KB)
    2. BN-Genetic Inheritance(169KB)
    3. I-Maps(203KB)
    4. Knowledge Engineering(100KB)
    5. Reasoning Patterns & D-Separation(737KB)
    6. From Distributions to Graphs(303KB)
    7. Conditional Independence(830KB)
  4. Undirected Graphical Models
    1. Undirected Graphical Models(721KB)
    2. Independencies in Markov Networks(542KB)
    3. From Distributions to Graphs(277KB)
    4. Alternate Parameterizations of MNs(2.3MB)
    5. MRFs in Computer Vision(2MB)
    6. Ising, Boltzmann & Deep Belief(727KB)
    7. Learning Markov Network Parameters(520KB)
    8. From BNs to MNs(236KB)
    9. Partially Directed Models & CRFs(1.7MB)
    10. Chain Graph Models(345KB)
    11. Factor Graphs(1.1MB)
    12. Max Sum Algorithm(734KB)
  5. Local Probabilistic Models
    1. Tabular CPDs(159KB)
    2. Deterministic CPDs(170KB)
    3. Context-specific CPDs(492KB)
    4. Independence of Causal Influence(695KB)
    5. Continuous Variables(1MB)
    6. Conditional Bayesian Networks(464KB)
  6. Template Representations
    1. Template Representations (350KB)
    2. Temporal Models(1MB)
    3. Template Variables(181KB)
    4. Plate Models(840KB)
  7. Gaussian Networks
    1. Multivariate Gaussian Distribution(767KB)
    2. Gaussian Bayesian Networks(520KB)
    3. Gaussian Markov Random Fields(650KB)
    4. Learning Parameters of Gaussian BNs(326KB)
  8. The Exponential Family
  9. Exact Inference: Variable Elimination
    1. Complexity(3.1MB)
    2. Variable Elimination: Basic Ideas(588KB)
    3. Variable Elimination: Algorithm(3.2MB)
  10. Exact Inference: Clique Trees
    1. Clique Trees(1.3MB)
    2. Message Passing: Sum-Product(2.3MB)
    3. Message Passing: Belief Update(359KB)
  11. Inference as Optimization
    1. Inference as Optimization(1MB)
    2. Exact Inference as Optimization
    3. Propagation-Based Approximation(587KB)
    4. Propagation with Approximate Messages
    5. Variational Inference(3.1MB)
    6. Structured Variational Approximations(2.5MB)
  12. Particle-based Approximate Inference
    1. Sampling-based Inference(2.9MB)
    2. Particle-based Approximate Inference(689KB)
    3. Forward Sampling(304KB)
    4. Importance Sampling(512KB)
    5. Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods(522KB)
  13. MAP Inference
    1. MAP Inference: Overview(4.4MB)
    2. MAP Complexity(3.1MB)
    3. MAP Example(1.6MB)
    4. Graph Cuts(1.1MB)
  14. Inference in Hybrid Networks
  15. Inference in Temporal Models
  16. Learning Graphical Models
    1. Learning PGMs: Overview(878KB)
    2. Learning as Optimization(398KB)
  17. Parameter Estimation
    1. Bayesian Network Parameter Estimation(917KB)
    2. Bayesian Parameter Estimation in Bayesian Networks(1.9MB)
    3. Shared Parameters(631KB)
    4. Hierarchical Priors(340KB)
    5. Latent Dirichlet Allocation(703KB)
  18. Structure Learning in Bayesian Networks
    1. Structure Learning in Bayesian Networks(470KB)
  19. Partially Observed Data
  20. Learning Undirected Models
    1. Markov Network Parameter Learning(2.6MB)
    2. Conditionally Trained Models(1MB)
    3. Learning with Missing Data(389KB)
    4. Maximum Entropy and Maximum Likelihood(430KB)
    5. Regularization of Markov Network Parameters(490KB)
    6. Learning with Approximate Inference(2.1MB)
    7. Learning with Alternate Objectives(1.1MB)
    8. Markov Network Structure Learning(1.7MB)
  21. Causality
    1. Statistical and Causal Models(1MB)
    2. Causality in AI(4MB)
    3. Counterfactuals in AI(10MB)
    4. Transfer Learning and Causality(204KB)
    5. Statistical Modeling of Cause and Effect(485KB)
    6. Learning Causal Bayesian Neworks(1.4MB)
  22. Knowledge Graphs
    1. Knowledge Graphs(3.8MB)
    2. Statistical Relation Learning(1.3MB)
    3. MRFs from Knowledge Graphs(306KB)