How I Do Things
How I Do Things

The generation and origin info is based purely on what my sources for the tape told me so I take no responsability for mistakes.

VHS>Analog : Toshiba M660 (HiFi) --> Denon DRM-740 (3hd)
Analog>Analog : Pioneer CT-W604RS (2hd) --> Denon DRM-740 (3hd)

My rating system is standard letter grades with an occasional +/-.
I used buy the hype that SBD v. AUD made a big difference in quality,
i.e. No AUD can be an A.. I have changed my views..
Witness the killer 1/20/79 aud and the crappy, but rare, 12/15/71 SBD.
Its real simple, we all want tapes that sound _good_.
While tastes differ somewhat and YMMV, I am pretty confident that any
tape I say is an A you will find sounds good.

There is no 0 generation in my system. If I got a copy from a DAT or from an FM broadcast directly this is a first generation.
For example, 1/20/79, AUD/1 is DAT>>MY TAPE
6/8/90, SBD/2 is DAT>>ANALOG>>MY TAPE

XLII or XLIIS always
The rest are my defaults, but I'm flexible.
First Class mail
Mail everything, tapes, labels, maxpoints, j-cards, cases.
At the very least write out a setlist.
I will laser print nifty j-cards for you, if you can do the same please do.
I won't write on the labels or the cardboard j-cards.

My handwriting sucks and I have found that many people prefer to label
tapes their own ways in their own handwriting anyway.

This is a blatent rip-off from .tiedrich's list.. This is where I record
who I got the tape from with a letter only I can interperet with my secret
decoder ring.

--In General--
Always looking for most any HQ dead.
I especially want any may '77 stuff I don't already have..
Recently I've been into Jerry stuff from any era.
I've got all the boomy, crappy, Phish auds I need.. I only want more really HQ SBDs.
I am always looking for Squeeze of any quality.
Specific Shows I Want
Neil Young 11/10/96 - I was there
moe. 3/28/97 - I was there