How and Why

So, how and why did I put a cd-player on the web?

Note : I haven't updated this since I added the ability to listen to the cd.. I'll add that later.

Lets start with why.. I first go the idea when I saw a similar page that someone had done that included the ability to sample the audio being played. This page was actually done with a music cd player and not a cd-rom drive.. Unfortunately I have never been able to track down this page again.

From there the idea kind of got forgotten until I came across another similar page made by Brian McCandless and Jeffrey Squyres at Notre Dame University. I got in contact with one of them and got a copy of their code. It was all based on Steven Grimm's famous WorkMan program for playing CD's in a cd-rom drive. I was already using this program and so I compiled a new version with the patches from Brian and Jeffrey. Modified the code slightly to change the html layout and I was set.

I had that page up for a few weeks but I decided it was a bit cheesey just to copy and modify someone else's code, I wanted to write a new version myself. That idea stuck in the back of my mind for a while until a few strange things prompted me to go back to it. The university I work at is having an Information Technology fair and as part of it they are sponsoring a Best of the UB Web contest. A few pages from my workplace were already entered including a web cam of which I am one of the maintainers.. I decided I wanted a page of my own to submit, so.. Here it is.

Now, how was this done?

As I've alluded to already the main part of the program is the WorkMan cd player program. This is a very nice program that lets you control a cd-rom drive and name tracks, discs etc.

What I did was add my own functions to update an html file whenever the status of the cd-rom drive changes.

Basically the file gets changed when any of the following happens.
1) Workman is started.
2) A CD is inserted or ejected.
3) The track playing changes/is changed.
4) Play, stop or pause are hit.

The graphic displayed represents the current state of the cd-player, the name of the gif loaded is 'cur.gif'. What I do is copy the correct picture to this file name every time the state of the cd player is changed. I added a function new_mode() which takes an argument that represents the new mode. This function is called from the show_stats() function of workman which (among other things) updates the workman window whenever the cd play mode changes.

The 'no CD in the drive' page is created by a different function aptly named no_cd_disp(). This function is called kill_stats() function of workman which is run whenever a disk is ejected to clear the track listings from memory and update the window.

The other important function I added is do_table(). This function takes an argument which represents the current track playing. The function is called from workman's new_track() which runs every time a new track is switched to.

Basically what do_table() does is go through the structure in memory that keeps track of all the info about the current CD and display it as a nice little table.

Controlling the CD player through the web was a little tricky and I still to refine it a bit. Basically a server wirtten in JAVA sits on my desktop machine, the one with the CD player, and listens for connections. The image of the controls is a client side image map which calls a client program (written in perl) on the web server machine that connects to the appropriate port on my desktop machine and sends it a message to give the appropriate command to control the cd player. The actual control is again done through workman which includes the nifty ability to run a second instance of itself which sends a message to the one currently running to control the cd player in some way.

Thats basically it. There are a bunch of other functions I added to workman to write html along with other little cosmetic hacks to workman here and there, but basically all the modifications involved was adding three functions and calling them at the right times and implementing the client server interface to send commands to workman.

Feel free to send me mail if you have more questions. I plan to put the code up for ftp as soon as I speak to Steven Grimm.