I am on a quest to collect as much of May '77 as possible.

These are the days that the Dead played...
1,3,4,5,7,8,9,11,12,13,15,17,18,19,21,22,25,26,28 = 19 Shows

This is what circulates
(taken from Jim Powell's Grateful Dead Tapes In Circulation for 1975 - 1979)

1 - Whole show 'near excellent' 180min AUD.
3 - Whole show 190min AUD. One master cuts in Row, Suplctn and Arnd&Arnd
4 - Whole show 180min SBD.
5 - Whole show 180min SBD.
7 - Show -encore 180 SBD.
8 - 'The' whole show. 180min SBD.
9 - Whole show 190min SBD.
11 - Show -Samson, 'near excellent' 180min AUD.
12 - Whole show 180min 'Hi B' AUD.
13 - Whole show 180min FM-SBD.
15 - Whole show 190min. Set I - 'near excellent' AUD. Set II+E - SBD.
17 - Show -encore 200min, 'near excellent' AUD. Mnglwd-Snrs also on 90min SBD.
18 - Set II+E, 90min SBD. Most of set I on GDH315.
19 - Whole show 180min SBD.
21 - Whole show 190min AUD. Recently parts on GDH.
22 - Show -encore, 180min AUD. Gd Lvn-Dew on 90min SBD. Parts on DP3.
25 - Whole show 180min AUD. 'Hi B'
26 - Whole show 180min. 'near excellent' AUD.
28 - Whole show 200min AUD. 'Excellent'

As you can see, at least part of every show circulates for a total of about 57 hours of music.
This is what I have..
5/4/77   Palladium           New York, NY       SBD/?   180     A-
5/5/77   New Haven Arena     New Haven, CT      SBD/?   180  A+/A- (2 sources)
5/7/77   Boston Garden       Boston, MA         SBD/4   180     A
5/8/77   Barton Hall	     Ithaca, NY         CD/4    180     A
5/9/77   The Aud             Buffalo, NY        SBD/2   190     A
5/13/77  Auditorium Theatre  Chicago, IL        SBD/?   180     A
5/15/77  St. Louis Arena     St. Louis, MO      SBD/?   90 (II) B
5/19/77  The Fox Theatre     Atlanta, GA        SBD/?   180   A/A- (2 sources)

About 22.5 hours.
I also have DP3, but I'd still like to get the 22nd on tape for completeness.

So... If you can help me out please do. I'd be happy to trade anything on my list for any May '77 I don't already have.