You play music?

Yes, I play music. At the moment I am concentrating on guitar.
I play a 1992 Fender Stratocaster usually through a Fender Sidekick Reverb 25 amp.

I also have, but never use, an ART SGX MachII effects processor.
I haven't figured out how to program it very well and it doesnt fit my style of music much.

I also really enjoy playing the harmonica but I'm less serious about it than guitar..

And I aint that serious about guitar. *laugh*
I use Hohner harmonicas exclusively, they are good and resonably priced.
I've got a couple of Special 20's (John Popper uses 'em) and a couple of Blues Harps.

Here are a few of my favorite sights for musicians.
Harmony Central
OLGA - The OnLine Guitar Archive
Fender Guitars Online
HARP-L Homepage