Shea's Performing Arts Center - Buffalo, NY 8/20/95
I had waited on line for 2 hours at Shea's the moring tickets went on sale and I got second row center seats that were incredible. I got the seats before Jerry died, in retrospect I am _very_ glad I got seats for this show, seeing Bob made me feel a lot better about Jerry's death.

A few words on the opening band From Good Homes - They were _good_.

Now for Ratdog, there wasnt a real breakdown into sets, since everyone went on and off stage for different songs they all got rests withough stopping the music. If you dont know Ratdog is one of Bobby's side projects, the band is - Bob Weir (guitar), Rod Wasserman (stand up bass), Jay Lane (guitar, bongos, tambourine, etc) and Matt Kelly(drums). Heres the setlist..
The encore deserves some quick comments.. At about the third verse Bob was crying, he sang 'Mamma take these tears from my face, I cant use them anymore . . . It all seems fucking useless'. He was pretty emmotional and kind of losing it at this point, he said 'You guys take it' and the band kept playing while the audience sang the 'Knock knock knocking on heaven's door' refrain. It was all very moving. After a few rounds Bob stopped, bowed, and walked off stage.

All in all it was an excellent evening, I will be sure to catch Bobby again.. I hope he tours with Rob again, he is an incredible musician.