Soldier Field - Chicago, IL 7/8+9/95
It would take much to long describe the trip in full.. Here are a few quick highlights.. Driving 1200 miles with 4 people in a VW Rabbit with 150,000 miles on it... Sleeping on the shore of lake Michigan.. Getting the afore mentioned VW Rabbit towed and paying $80 to get it back.. Fun fun fun... You know its gonna get stranger, lets get on with the show..


My ticket is TV view only.. I ignore this and sit in the fourth row of the tapers section (behind the soundboard). I came in when the Band was almost done and by the time I made it over to where I sat they were completely done. I was a little dissapinted, but I had seen the Band before.. The first set rocked.. It was the best live Dead set I have seen by far. When the first line you hear at a show is 'We can share the women, we can share the wine' you know its going to be good.
The whole thing rocked, I love Althea and hadnt heard it live before so that stood out. The second set wasnt as good in my opinion but it still rocked.
Aug 22nd - Well.. In retrospect these two shows were my last, at least the last with Jerry.. theres not much more to say. Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.