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      Devanagari script is used by over 500 million people all over the world, and is the base script of many Indian languages such as Sanskrit, Hindi and Marathi.
Sample <i>Devanagari</i> Text
Sample of Devanagari text. Image provided by Mr.Rama Chandra Budihal, Bangalore.

      Devanagari OCR research has been restricted to a handful of groups and results/techniques are not widely disseminated. There is a lack of ground-truthed training and test data. Some sparse lexical tools such as large corpora, machine-readable dictionaries are available, but there are no automated evaluation tools, or standard representations for ground-truth and result data.

     CEDAR, is at the cutting-edge research in off-line recognition of handwritten English text. In this league, we have created OCR data sets for English and Japanese. The English data set is made up of handwritten gray scale words, ZIP codes, binary digits and characters. A collection of machine printed Japanese character images was also generated. It contains approximately 180000 Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, numeric and ground truth symbolic character images.

     The Indian Language Technologies group is aiming to set similar standards of research for Devanagari OCR