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Fingerprint Individuality Publications

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The following are publications on fingerprint individuality:
  1. S. N. Srihari and H. Srinivasan, "Individuality of Fingerprints: Comparison of Models and Measurements", CEDAR Technical Report TR-02-07. pdf
  2. S. N. Srihari, H. Srinivasan, and G. Fang, "Discriminability of the Fingerprints of Twins," To appear in the Journal of Forensic Sciences. pdf.
  3. G. Fang, H. Srinivasan and S. N. Srihari, "Use of Ridge Types in Generative Models of Fingerprint Individuality," Proc. Int. Workshop of Computational Forensics (IWCF 2007), International Symposium on Information and Security, Manchester, England, Aug. 29-31, 2007.pdf