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CEDAR Overview

Welcome to the website of the Center of Excellence for Document Analysis and Recognition (CEDAR).

A wide variety of documents are encountered by each of us everyday. They cover all spheres of our lives including commerce, education, law, health, religion, music and entertainment. Some of these documents have a simple and predictable structure such as a page in a printed book. Others have much more complex structure such as those involving figures, tables, logos, signatures, handwriting, etc. Discovering methods and algorithms for analyzing the structure and content of complex documents, and their generalization to related domains, is the focus of research at CEDAR.

CEDAR is a research center at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York. Growing out of research on pattern recognition, conducted since 1978 in the Department of Computer Science, CEDAR was made possible with funding from several federal agencies, principally the United States Postal Service. While analysis of paper documents and handwriting recognition continues to be our strength, we have research and software development projects involving diverse digital document types, as described in the CEDAR Research page.

From a computer science research and education perspective the work spans the areas of pattern recognition, machine learning, data mining, information retrieval and computational linguistics. There is a continuum from the analysis of scanned document images to areas such as text mining and information retrieval. There is also a continuum from analyzing documents for forensic purposes to the analysis of fingerprint images and other areas of biometrics.

Having received sustained funding from the United States Postal Service (USPS) since 1984 CEDAR was designated the Center of Excellence for Document Analysis and Recognition (CEDAR) by the USPS in 1991. Today, while postal-related document analysis problems continue to be of interest at CEDAR, a number of projects have emerged.

CEDAR has been a conduit for scholarly collaboration as well as individual accomplishment for many scientists and students. Over a period of 25 years faculty, students and research scientists at CEDAR have published more than a thousand scientific papers. CEDAR has supported more than 500 students, resulting in the award of several hundred master's degrees and more than 45 doctoral degrees.

CEDAR's work has been featured in most major news publications at one time or the other around the world. You can see many of these original news reports in our news section.

The following pages include our projects, people, facilities and bibliography. For further information please contact us at (716) 645-6162.