Jason's Amazing CyberCD Player

This is the status of the external CD-ROM drive attached to Jason's Sparc 5

Want to know how and why I did this?
The controls below are an imagemap, yes, clicking them really controls the cd player.
You can annoy Jason for hours on end.
Its fun for the whole family!

There is no CD in the drive currently.
In fact, WorkMan possibly isn't even running.
Check back later, Jason is around most all day every week day.
Keep in mind that this CD player is attached to Jason's computer at work,
so hopefully you won't find it in use much late at night or weekends.
(even geeks have lives)

Thanks to Brian McCandless and Jeffrey Squyres for the concept behind this page
and a copy of their code which I drew ideas from.
See their page.
Thanks are also due to Steven Grimm who wrote the original workman, a fine, fine program.

people have checked what Jason was listening too.

Email : verch@cedar.Buffalo.EDU