Cursive Word Recognition

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system overview

preprocessing module

filtering module

recognition module

Filtering Module

The Filtering Module takes a preprocessed word image and extracts a structural description of it in terms of basic features (stroke primitives). The string of (concatenated) stroke primitives, representing the shape of the input word, is then used to derive a set of matchable words. This set consists of words from the system's lexicon that are visually similar to the input word (e.g., the words foul, foal, and fool are similar based on coarse shape).

The operation of the Filtering Module can be considered a Syntactic Pattern Recognition approach; it computes a stroke description string capturing the visual configuration of a word image and subsequently uses it in filtering/reducing the lexicon. The vocabulary of the description string corresponds to the different types of downward strokes made by a writer in writing the word. Downward strokes constitute a simple but robust cue that allow for a compact description of the overall shape of a word without having to consider its internal details. Furthermore, they provide formal grounding for the notion of visual similarity, which is the essence of the lexicon-filtering process.

The operation of our Filtering Module can be summarized as follows:

In the figure below, a preprocessed image of word `program' is shown with base-line, half-line and extracted downward strokes (each color corresponds to a different type of stroke primitive)...

The coarse representation of the shape of the word provided by the string of concatenated stroke primitives is illustrated below...

Having a string of stroke primitives available (e.g., s = "DLMMCRDMRMMMM" above), the next step is to map s into English words. This is accomplished by means of a search technique that attempts all possible leftmost derivations which transform s into words using a set of productions rules (e.g., DL->`p') which define legal combinations of stroke primitives to make up letters.