Cursive Word Recognition

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system overview

preprocessing module

filtering module

recognition module

Preprocessing Module

The Preprocessing Module is necessary because the output of the digitizing tablet is noisy (due to quantization effects and the shaking of the hand) and usually contains too many points. Furthermore, normalization of different writing orientations, writing slant, and writing sizes is also essential in order to reduce writer-dependent variability.

On-Line Cursive Word Recognition:
Preprocessing Module

Preprocessing of the online script is a necessary step prior to the recognition process; it is aimed at cleaning the noise present in the input data due to the digitizing device limitations (noise removal), and reducing writer-dependent variability to a minimum ( normalization).

Our current Preprocessing Module carries out two major steps:

The figures below illustrate the output produced by the Preprocessing Module when fed with an image of the word `program'.

Raw image...

After resampling and base-line correction...

After slant correction...