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CEDAR Technology Transfer

Several standalone systems have been developed at CEDAR over the past two decades:

Name and Address Block Reader

The Name and Address Block Reader (NABR) developed at CEDAR has automated Internal Revenue tax form processing. This technology reads both handwritten and machine printed address block images by first analyzing the document through component analysis, address block extraction, label detection and print discrimination, then through document recognition, which allows forms to be sorted and processed. Name and Address Block Readers have been installed and are functioning in most Internal Revenue Processing Centers in the United States.

Handwritten Address Interpretation

The Handwritten Address Interpretation (HWAI) program developed at CEDAR led to the deployment and automation of handwritten address label sorting at United States Postal Service Mail Processing Centers. Automated sorting is achieved through a sequence of image analysis, digit recognition, word recognition and postal directory lookup. Once the street address and zip code is identified, a barcode is assigned, which is used to sort

The USPS saved more than $100 million in the first year of use of the CEDAR-developed software that reads handwritten addresses and postal envelopes. As of February 2001, the USPS had saved over $340 million in wages and reduced man-hours by 12 million annually.

Handwriting Verification and Recognition

THE CEDAR-FOX system has several modules useful for analyzing handwriting for Questioned Document Examination, and search. Some of the operations CEDAR-FOX is being used for are: determining whether two handwriting samples were written by the same person (verification), find the closest match isn a database of handwriting samples (identification), signature verification, searching handwritten documents when the query is either a handwritten word or a typed query, etc.