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Name and Address Block Reader

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Reading names and addresses is one of the most complex tasks in automated forms processing.

The Name and Address Block Reader (NABR) is an integrated real-time system to read names and addresses on tax forms of the Internal Revenue Service of the United States.

NABR accepts both machine-printed and hand-printed address block images as input. The application software has two major steps: document analysis (connected component analysis, address block extraction, label detection, hand-print/machine-print discrimination) and document recognition. Document recognition has two non-identical streams for machine-print and hand-print; key steps are: address parsing, character recognition, word recognition and postal database lookup (ZIP+4 and City-State-ZIP files).

Real-time throughput is achieved by employing a loosely-coupled multiprocessing architecture where successive input images are distributed to available address recognition processors. The NABR system is currently deployed at several IRS sites as part of the SCRIPS (Service Center Recognition and Image Processing System) installation by Grumman Corporation.

Current work on the project is to improve the recognition performance of the system, particularly for personal names.

The NABR System