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National Address Server

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Since implementing the address server, people have requested information on locating people given just the name and city/state. With the prevalence of white pages on the Internet, we decided to provide access to some of them here.

Below, is a pretty comprehensive listing of related search pages. If a site is missing or if one of those listed should be removed from this page, please e-mail Ranga at the link above.

*Please keep in mind that CEDAR does not maintain the below pages in any way. If you have questions, problems or comments, please contact the maintainers of these pages directly.

Search Whitepages.com

First Name:
Begins with
Is exactly
Last Name:
Begins with
Is exactly
City or ZIP Code:
State or Province:

Search InfoSpace

Last Name:
First Name:
City: State:
Search Entire Region/Metro Area

Search SwitchBoard.com
Last Name
First Name
City State:

Search Yahoo.com
Last Name
First Name
City State:


using a phone number only:


International Search

To locate a person outside the United States.