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Devanagari Script Recognition

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  1. Government and Non-Government organizations

    • Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta
      Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta--a collaborator on this project-- conducts independent research in the field of Multi-Lingual OCR.

    • National Science Foundation (NSF)
      The National Science Foundation. NSF, has shown great interest in projects related to Multi-Lingual OCR as part of its Digital Libraries initiative.

    • Sanskrit Resources
      Provides information about Sanskrit and its representation in electronic documents. It reviews PostScript fonts for reading and interpretation of "ITRANS" format documents. A large resource on learning Sanskrit and writing in the ITRANS format is also provided.

  2. Fonts and software for Devanagari and other Scripts

    • Itrans Information
      This site provides information on using the ITRANS format to create multi-lingual documents. A very comprehensive site on Multi-Lingual electronic document representation and generation, the site has an online interface for generation of Multi-Lingual documents.

    • Devanagari TTF fonts for Windows
      RK Ancient Fonts are a collection of TrueType fonts for MS Windows by Reinhold Kainhofer.

    • Devanagari fonts for various platforms
      This site contains links to devanagari fonts for various platforms.

    • Dataflow
      Devyani, Dataflow Software claims, is the first DTP package for Indian languages started off the development of software for other Indian languages and their fonts.

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