Frequently Asked Questions


The address matcher will try to retrieve a delivery point code (zipcode and addon) from the United States Postal Service Databases when given an address. The delivery point code can be put into bar code form, which can be placed on your mail-piece. This allows your mail to be machine sorted instead of hand sorted, which can greatly speed up its delivery. The matcher works best when given a complete address, but will try to compensate for the following errors: misspelled street name, misspelled city name, missing street suffix, missing predirection, missing postdirection, missing city and state name, and missing zip-code.

The personal name which you enter has no effect on the results you get from the address matcher. The USPS databases do not contain personal names, so the only advantage to typing a personal name is to have it on the GIF or Postscript output.

The USPS database does, however, contain firm names. A firm is a commercial company or other organizational entity that receives a minimum number of letter size mail per day. Often a firm will have a different addon than the building it is located in, so entering a firm name AND its address may effect your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Please remove my name from your database immediately!
    We do not have a database of peoples names; we just have a database of ADDRESSES. So, we may have 123 Main St in the database, but we don't know the name of the person who lives there!

    The links that you see on the person search page are located elsewhere on the Internet (aka WWW); we have just conveniently placed them on one page, but we do not control what those sites provide. If you have privacy concerns, contact those sites directly!

  2. Can you lookup the following address for me.....
    SORRY! It takes enough effort just to maintain the database and this web server; we cannot answer personal requests!

  3. Why was my request rejected?
    The address matcher only accepts addresses. Giving it an email address (i.e. - or just a name and city (i.e. - Jack Handey, Deep Thoughts, VA) is pointless. Expect these requests to be rejected.

  4. But I entered a complete address and it was still rejected!
    You may have entered an address that doesn't exist. If the primary (street) number does not exist in the USPS Database, the address will be rejected. The USPS Database that is being used presently is from January 2002, and this could very well be the cause. The address matcher may have also just outright failed, and if you think that is the case, send us some email.

  5. Why did the address matcher drop the apartment number?
    Again, if you gave it secondary information such as an apartment number or a suite number that does not exist in the USPS Database, the matcher will drop it.

  6. Why did the address matcher change the apartment number?
    A firm name may match one of the non-address lines you entered. Two or more addresses may have been found in the search - an address that matches completely, and one that has a matching firm name but differing secondary information. The matcher will select the one with the matching firm name, assuming that is where you want to send the mail. If you do not want this to happen, do not include the firm name when you enter the address.

  7. Why did the address matcher change the city?
    If the city you entered is a suburb of a larger city, the USPS prefers the use of the larger city in your case. The city is changed to the one that the post office prefers (usually the default for the ZIP code).

  8. I don't like the way the output looks. How can I change it?
    You can get the output in Postscript format. Simply bring this file up under your favorite editor (vi, emacs, WordPad, etc.), scroll to the bottom and change it.

  9. I use Lynx, and the matcher always rejects my addresses.
    Lynx version 2.2 and earlier are unable to process forms properly. If you are using one of these versions, your addresses will most probably be rejected. On the other hand, if you are still using Lynx 2.2 or earlier, this is the least of your worries...

  10. I use O'Reilly Mosaic, and the matcher always rejects my addresses.
    Your client doesn't seem to accept the <CR> (RETURN key), and the address comes out in a single line. Instead, you might want to hit ^J (Ctrl-J). I've heard that seems to work.

  11. I am an AOL member, and the matcher always rejects my addresses.
    Your client doesn't seem to accept the <CR> (RETURN key), and the address comes out in a single line. Instead, you might want to hit ^J (Ctrl-J) ; that might work. (Dropping AOL and subscribing to some other ISP works too! ;-))

  12. Hey! How do I get my name off your list!
    The short answer: you don't.
    The long answer: we don't have a database of people's names. All we have is a database of valid delivery addresses (without the names of who lives there). If you are looking at the person search page, read the fine print. What you see are links to other sites on the WWW ("Internet"), over which we have no control. (This question is the same as #1, but in this day and age sometimes you have to say things twice to be heard)

  13. What do you guys do with the addresses you receive? Do you sell/rent/etc. them?
    The short answer: no.
    The long answer: We are not in the business of selling/renting address lists. If we keep some addresses around, it is so that we can test the matching software against "realistic" cases. We have absolutely no interest in the actual addresses themselves; for us these addresses are just some text to throw at the server software.

  14. I'm looking for a friend's address, and all I have is his Social Security number. Is there a site on the Internet which will give me his current address?
    Yeah, right! Would you want your SSN available for the world to query on such a site on the WWW? Think about it. (If you still think it is a good idea, we have a large hunka steel (on the way to Grand Island) that we'd love to sell you)

  15. I need a phone number to go with an address, I need to ( ask for directions/locate an old buddy/refresh my memory/order pizza/or some such excuse ) . Can I do that?
    It depends. Some of the engines listed in the person search page allow you to enter an address (leave the name fields empty), and will return the name of who lives there along with their phone number.

  16. Hey, my street address is 123 Saint Louis Parkway and I entered 123 St. Louis Pkwy and it rejected the address! What gives?
    This is one of the items on the "to-do" list. The matcher gets confused by the "St" in "St Louis". Try the full, expanded name instead: "Saint Louis".

  17. I run a small business/church/... and want to clean up my mailing list. Can you do this for me?
    Actually, if you can fit the list on a diskette, the USPS may do this for you for free! For more details on this one-time deal, checkout the Diskette Coding page on the USPS' website.
    Update: The USPS does not offer this service anymore, it seems.

  18. How can I license this software?
    Unfortunately, we can't license this software as is. However, all is not lost: you might want to checkout the list of CASS-certified vendors , which will give you information about vendors who provide address matching software, their platforms, etc.

Tips for Getting a Correct Response

Use the return key.
Rejected Encoded!

Make sure to have a primary (street) number that exists.
Rejected Encoded!
1006 KING ST
1004 KING ST

Include the firm name
Input Output Result
BRONX NY 10451-2128
BRONX NY 10451-2192

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