Maps on the Net

Currently, the following Web sites provide detailed maps:
Name Comments
MapQuest Provides nearby points of interest also.
You can access the map of any region of the world.
MapBlast Lets you annotate the map too.
Only street maps of the US are available
Claims European city maps are coming soon (3/28/97)
Yahoo's maps are from the same company
so please don't send me Yahoo's URL!
MapsOnUs Newest player in the "web maps" market
Database appears to be less complete than the above two

If you know of any other page where you can access street maps, please send me that link.




Note! these are links to maps available somewhere else, and not on this server! If you have questions/comments about the quality of these maps, please follow the above links and contact them directly. I cannot do anything about the accuracy of this data!

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