This web server was put together by Ajay Shekhawat, formerly of CEDAR. It was inspired by our Address Recognition system; based on our expertise in reading handwritten as well as machine-printed addresses, we designed this address matching system which works on ASCII input.

Given an address, we try to match it (to the best of our abilities) with a unique entry in the USPS databases. These databases have been provided to us by the USPS as a part of our research in other areas. We don't build/maintain these address databases; we just massage them to allow for fast (in the order of a few milliSeconds) queries.

It does not try to match the personal name; you can feed it whatever name you want. This is because we not only don't have a database of personal names, but it would be a messy legal issue too (personally, I don't like the idea).

Many people have contributed to this effort; we at CEDAR pride in helping each other out as much as possible. The matching engine was implemented by Fred Kunderman. Others who contributed with ideas, encouragement and code include Wen-Jann Yang, Chris Tran, Marvin Hsie, Jia Wang, Srirangaraj (Ranga) Setlur and Evie Kleinberg.