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Over the years, researchers at CEDAR have created databases to aid in their research. Some of these databases are available to our fellow researchers.

The following databases are available:

oCEDAR CDROM-1, a database of handwritten words, ZIP Codes, Digits and Alphabetic characters.
oCEDAR CDROM-2, a database of machine-printed Japanese character images.

If you have any questions or would like some more information about Japanese databases, please send mail to: setlur@cedar.Buffalo.EDU

We have recently made available to the public the CEDAR-LETTER database (available at the link given below). It consists of scanned pages of handwriting samples provided by 1,568 individuals. There are three samples per writer. The database consists of 3.6GB of data.

oCEDAR-LETTER is a zip file consisting of six folders. The first three folders contain gray-scale images and the second three contain the corresponding binary files. The three sets are numbered 0001-0500, 0501-1000, and 1001-1568, respectively. Further information on the nature of the samples contained in the database can be found in the paper Individuality of Handwriting.

If you have any questions or would like some more information about the CEDAR-LETTER database, please send mail to: srihari@cedar.Buffalo.EDU