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Ph.D. Dissertations

Doctoral Dissertations

58. Pradipto Das, PhD, 2013
Natural Language Summarization of Text and Video using Topic Models"
Advisor: Rohini Srihari

57. Yu Liu, PhD, 2013
A Probabilistic Measure of Similarity for Latent Fingerprints"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

56. Smruthi Mukund, PhD, 2012
An NLP Framework for Non-Topical Text Analysis in Urdu-- A Resource Poor Language"
Advisor: Rohini Srihari

55. Yi Tang, PhD, 2012
Evaluating the Probability of Identification in Forensic Science"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

54. Chang Su, PhD, 2011
"Machine Learning in Fingerprint Probability Models"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

53. Wei Jin, PhD, 2009
"Mining Hidden Associations in Text Corpora through Concept Chain and Graph Queries"
Advisor: RohiniSrihari

52. Zhaohui Zheng, PhD, 2008
"A Regression Framework for Learning to Rank in Web Information Retrieval"
Advisor: RohiniSrihari

51. Chen Huang, PhD, 2008
"Content-based Handwritten Document Indexing and Retrieval"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

50. Harish Srinivasan, PhD, 2008
"Machine Learning Approaches to Person Identification with Applications to Forensic Document Analysis"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

49. Gregory Ball, PhD, 2007
"Arabic Handwriting Recognition using Machine Learning Approaches"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

48. Suryaprakash Kompalli, PhD, 2007
"A Stochastic Framework for Font Independent Devanagari OCR"
Advisor: Venu Govindaraju

47. Siyuan Chen, PhD, 2006
"Off-line Automatic Signature Verification Techniques: Flexible Template Matching Approaches"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

46. Xiaoyun Wu, PhD, 2005
"Support Vector Machines for Text Categorization"
Advisor: Rohini Srihari

45. Srikanth Munirathnam, PhD, 2005
"Exploiting Query Features in Language Modeling Approach for Information Retrieval"
Advisor: Rohini Srihari

44. Catalin Tomai, PhD, 2004
"A Computational Theory of Writer Recognition"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

43. Bin Zhang, PhD, 2003
"Pattern Matching and Retrieval with Binary Feature Vectors"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

42. Ankur Teredesai, Ph.D., 2003
"Active Pattern Recognition Using Genetic Programming"
Advisor: Venu Govindaraju

41. Hanhong Xue, Ph.D., 2002
"Stochastic Modeling of High-level Structures in Handwritten Word Recognition"
Advisor: Venu Govindaraju

40. Sung-Hyuk Cha, PhD, 2001
"Distance Measures for Writer Verification and Identification"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

39. Minchul Jung, Ph.D., 2001
"Font Classification and Character Segmentation for Postal Address Reading"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

38. Aibing Rao, Ph.D., 2001
"An Integrated Theory of Image Database Modeling, Indexing, and Content-Based Retrieval"
Advisor: Rohini Srihari

37. Krassimir Ianakiev, Ph.D., 2000
"Organizing Multiple Experts for Efficient Pattern Recognition"
Advisor: Venu Govindaraju

36. Jaehawa Park, Ph.D., 1999
"Hierarchical Character Recognition and Its Use in Words/Phrase Recognition"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

35. Wen-Jann Yang, Ph.D., 1998
"Access Schemes for Multi-Attribute-Record Structure and Color-Content-Based Image Retrieval"
Advisor: Ramalingam Sridhar

34. V. K. Sundar, Ph.D., 1998
"Drawing on Linguistic Content to Resolve Ambiguities"
Advisor: Rohini Srihari

33. Jung Soh, Ph.D., 1998
"A Theory of Document Object Locator Combination"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

32. Uma Mahadevan, Ph.D., 1997
"Robust Vision Through Imperfect Eyes: A System For Processing City, State, and ZIPcode Fields in Handwritten Addresses"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

31. Ajay Shekhawat, Ph.D., 1997
"A Framework for Handwritten Document Recognition"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

30. Jeon-Man Park, Ph.D., 1997
"Address Block Location System Using Multi-Resolution Based State Space Search"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

29. Chi Fang, Ph.D., 1997
"Deciphering Algorithms for Degraded Document Recognition"
Advisor: Jonathan Hull

28. Rajiv Chopra, Ph.D., 1997
"An Architecture for Exploiting Qualitative, Scene-Specific Context in High Level Computer Vision"
Advisor: Rohini Srihari

27. Sriganesh Madhvanath, Ph.D., 1997
"The holistic paradigm in handwritten word recognition and its application to large and dynamic lexicon scenarios"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

26. Gyeonghwan Kim, Ph.D., 1996
"Recognition of offline handwritten words and extension to phrase recognition"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

25. Jian Zhou, Ph.D., 1995
"A Hierarchical Fusion Neural Network For Handwritten Character Recognition"
Advisors: Sargur Srihari and Raj Acharya

24. Giovanni Seni, Ph.D., 1995
"Large Vocabulary Recognition of On-line Handwritten Cursive Words"
Advisor: Rohini Srihari

23. Ying Liu, Ph.D., 1995
"Document Image Binarization Based On Texture Analysis"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

22. Jenchyou Lii, Ph.D., 1995
"Use Of Character Recognition and Syntax in Locating Address Paragraphs in Complex Documents"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari
Download: PDF (4mb)

21. Dar-Shyang Lee, Ph.D., 1995
"A Theory of Classifier Combination: The Neural Network Approach"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

20. Tao Hong, Ph.D., 1995
"Degraded Text Recognition Using Visual and Linguistic Context"
Advisor: Jonathan Hull

19. Xin Zhao, Ph.D., 1994
"Machine-Printed Word Recognition Using Ideal Word Patterns and Lexical Reduction"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

18. Geetha Srikantan, Ph.D., 1994
"Image Sampling Rate and Image Pattern Recognition"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

17. Debashish Niyogi, Ph.D., 1994
"A Knowledge-Based Approach to Deriving Logical Structure from Document Images"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

16. Stephen Lam, Ph.D. 1994
"A Computational Framework for Adaptive Reading in Document Image Understanding"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

15. Ronald Curtis, Ph.D., 1994
"Data Structure Complexity Metrics"
Advisor: Anthony Ralston

14. Yong-Chul Shin, Ph.D., 1993
"Non-Fully Configured Second-Order Neural Networks using Multi-Dimensional Weights"
Advisor: Ramalingam Sridhar

13. John Favata, Ph.D., 1993
"Recognition of Handwritten Words using Multi-level Generate-and-Test"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

12. Mou-Yen Chen, Ph.D., 1993
"Handwritten Word Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models"
Advisors: Amlan Kundu and Sargur Srihari

11. Rohini Srihari, Ph.D., 1992
"Extracting Visual Information from Text: Using Captions to Label Human Faces in Newspaper Photographs"
Advisor: William Rapaport

10. Tin-Kam Ho, Ph.D., 1992
"Theory of Multiple Classifier Systems and its Application to Visual Word Recognition"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

9. Venugopal Govindaraju, Ph.D., 1992
"A Computational Theory for Locating Human Faces in Photographs"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

8. Edward Cohen, Ph.D., 1992
"Interpreting Handwritten Text in a Structured Environment"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

7. Jiah-Shing Chen, Ph.D., 1992
"A Probabalistic Theory of Model-Based Diagnosis"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

6. Zhigang Xiang, Ph.D., 1988
"Multi-Level Model-Based Diagnostic Reasoning"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

5. Ching-Huei Wang, Ph.D., 1988
"Object Recognition in a Visually Complex Environment and its Application to Locating Address Blocks on Mail Pieces"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

4. Jonathan J. Hull, Ph.D., 1988
"A Computational Theory of Visual Word Recognition"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

3. Mingruey R. Taie, Ph.D., 1987
"Representation of Device Knowledge for Versatile Fault Diagnosis"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

2. Radmilo Bozinovic, Ph.D., 1985
"Recognition of Cursive Script: A Case of Multilevel Perception"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari

1. Mann-May Yau, Ph.D., 1983
"Hierarchical Representation of Three Dimensional Digital Objects"
Advisor: Sargur Srihari