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areas of study


Computer Science and Engineering

Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition is the study of methods and algorithms that categorize data objects. Classical pattern recognition techniques are rooted in statistics and decision theory.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a computer programming method by which the machine is programmed to learn from an incomplete set of examples instead of designing an algorithm to perform a specific task. Several different machine learning paradigms exist, such as the naive Bayes rule, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, and decision tree learning.

Information Retrieval

Tremendous Web expansion and digital library emergence have generated great interest in multimedia information processing. Research in infrastructure capable of supporting large-scale, distributed multimedia libraries includes multimedia databases, efficient indexing, transmission, and networking issues. Ultimately, multimedia database systems will improve the quantity and quality of information manipulated by computer users in medicine, computer aided design, and information retrieval. Intelligent multimedia content analysis and retrieval techniques is an emerging discipline that requires techniques for representing and extracting semantic information from media such as speech, images, and video.




Natural Language

Digital Libraries