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Postcards from the Net
Given a valid U.S. postal address, this server attempts to rewrite the address in the proper format along with the ZIP+4 code. If it is successful, you can retrieve a Postscript or a GIF file of the address for printing, with a barcode! You can also view a street map of the address, from 2 different Internet map sites (MapBlast and MapQuest).

For example:

You enter:   The server responds:
Ralph C Wilson Jr Stadium
1 Bill
Orchurd Park, NY
ORCHARD PARK NY 14127-2237
Note: The personal name used does not matter!
Enter the address below:

This service is meant for personal use. Please do not overload the server by using automated tools to query this server. IP addresses which conduct a large number of queries will be banned without warning.

NOTE: The data we use is from January 2002!

Disclaimer: We make no warranties about this server!