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Multi-Media Information Retrieval

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Text Retrieval

  1. Organizations and projects

    The Association for Computational Linguistics
    UC Berkeley: NTL Overview
    Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR) - Information retrieval systems
    CMU/LTI Home Page
    Columbia Natural Language Processing Group
    Cycorp: Makers of the Cyc Knowledge Server for artificial intelligence-based Common Sense
    ISI Natural Language Processing Group
    Penn Treebank Project
    Rochester: AI/NL/KR Group
    SIGIR Information Server
    SNePS Research Group Home Page
    Text REtrieval Conference (TREC) Home Page
    TextWise (DR-LINK)
    The SRI International AIC FASTUS System
    UPenn: Language, Information a nd Computation (LINC) Laboratory Homepage
    UTCS Natural Language Acquistion Group
    WebGlimpse home page

  2. People

    James F. Allen's Home Page
    Eric Brill's Home Page
    Bob Carpenter's Homepage
    Dr. Eduard Hovy
    Andrew McCallum's Home Page
    Dr. Chris Paice
    Alan Smeaton's Online Publications

  3. Grammars

    Corpus-based University Grammar of English
    Guide to Grammar and Writing
    A Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammar for English
    Word Grammar home page

  4. Tutorials and Books

    Information Retrieval (by C. J. v. Rijsbergen)
    Information Theory, Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks
    Language Processing: Table of Contents
    Machine Learning Applied to Information Retrieval
    NLP in Lisp
    SMART: Tutorial for Beginners

  5. Tools

    FSA utitilities (version 5)
    The `Bow' Toolkit
    The Grail Project
    Senga - mifluz software
    SMART FTP Site
    Software Tools for NLP

  6. Misc.

    Information Retrieval
    Information Retrieval URL's
    Natural Language Processing & Information Retrieval (NLPIR) Group Sites of Interest
    Natural Language Processing & Information Retrieval (NLPIR) Group Presentations
    The NLP Dictionary

Speech Retrieval

Image Retrieval

  1. Commercial:

    Virage company

  2. Academic:

    Visual/WebSEEK (Columbia Univ.)
    Chabot, Cypress and Blobworld (UC Berkeley)

  3. Refernce:

    Image Processing Bookmarks
    Visual Information Retrieval

Multi-Agent Systems