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Multi-Media Information Retrieval

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Current search engine technology (e.g., Lycos, Infoseek) is the result of several decades of research in text-based indexing and retrieval techniques. Information retrieval had traditionally been associated more with library science than with computer science. Such techniques were originally developed for searching electronic text archives such as bibliographic abstracts, newswire digests, etc. Following the advent of WWW and digital libraries, there has been a tremendous surge of interest in this area recently.

Although text-based Information Retrieval (IR) is a well-established field, the area of multimedia IR is an emerging discipline. This is the focus of the Multimedia Information Retrieval group. Our main interests are in exploring techniques for:

  1. automatic analysis/extraction of content from different modalities of text, images, speech, music, video.
  2. combining different modalities in both the indexing and retrieval stages.
  3. evaluating techniques for multimedia querying

Other interests of the group includes design of multimedia information systems, architecture, query language, user interface design for multimodal querying.

During the Spring, 2000 semester, the Multimedia Information Retrieval group meets once a week on Monday, 10:30am - 12:00pm. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

Periodically, Multimedia Information Retrieval is offered through the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.