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Penman: Handwritten Text Recognition

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The goal of this research is machine recognition of off-line handwritten sentences. This is one step toward the ultimate goal of automatic machine reading of complete pages of text. The problem can be decomposed into the recognition of the sequence of words that are embedded in the stroke objects of the sentence image. These objects must be properly grouped to isolate the individual words. This is a difficult problem because of the wide range of handwriting styles and word spacing. One working solution is to build upon the recent work in off-line isolated word recognition. Thus, a two step approach to sentence recognition is taken. The first step groups objects as a function of their spatial inter-relationship and then as a function of their response from a word recognizer. This allows the problem to be modeled as a directed graph which generally contains multiple interpretations of the sentence. The second step searches this graph with a linguistic processor which ranks each path according to statistics of the language and certain measured statistical characteristics of the recognizer.