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Piction: Caption-aided Face Identification

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Consider the input image:

and the accompanying caption :

"THE BEST - The All-WNY boys volleyball team surrounds the coach of the year, Frontier's Kevin Starr. Top row, from left, are Eden's Brian Heffernan, Lake Shore's Tom Kait, Sweet Home's Greg Gegenfurtner, Kenmore West's George Beiter. Bottom row: from left, are Eden's David Nagowski and Orchard Park's Rich Bland."

The face locator works on the same image at different resolutions and a sample edge image looks like this:

The output of the face-locator produces a set of face candidates as can be seen by the boxes marked out in the following image:

The constraints generated from the semantic processing of the caption are of the form : Spatial constraints of the above form along with locative and contextual constraints guide the processing of the picture to provide a semantic interpretation stored in the knowledge-base for future access.
The final pictorial output of PICTION is the original image with the faces labeled with the individuals' names: